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Or parent for that matter. So glad for the chance to experience it Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Tucson, Arizona. Just such a sweet series, perfect for all kids. Reading it with my niece Loved it.

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I'm not one for a book of short stories, but this was Jack Reacher, so I gave it a look. Fun, fun, fun! A joy to read. If you loved reading the Lee Child "Reacher" series, check this out. There's enough different Jack Reacher stories here for everyone to find a few new favorites. This book contains five short stories written by Uncle Amon. I have grown to like his little stories!

I wouldn't mind owning physical copies of books for my library :. When reviewing a children's book, it is important to read it from a child's perspective. It needs to be in language and verbiage that they understand. I think that for the target audience Uncle Amon is reaching for, he meets that need. I do have to admit, as cute as this book was, I did enjoy Happy Monsters better! I thought the stories were cute and fun, however, felt they could have been a little more exciting. Harmon Wet and Cold NW. Great book - was looking for short stores to deliver at a Toastmasters meeting.

These worked well. Easy French Stories t. If you are tired of the boring and mundane way of learning a new language, then this book is for you.

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You can use this book to learn French in a fun and engaging way using short stories. Short stories capture your imagination and help you learn vocabulary in a new fun and innovative way. A really great book for learning new vocabulary for French. Another great story by PJ Ryan. My son is really starting to enjoy these books.

The story is fun and appeals to children. Worth getting for your children. Every day, before going to bed, the miser went to the stones where he hid the gold and counted the coins. He continued this routine every day, but not once did he spend the gold he saved. After it was dark, the thief went to the hiding place and took the gold. The next day, the old miser found that his treasure was missing and started crying loudly. A tortoise was resting under a tree, on which a bird had built its nest. It is made of broken twigs, it has no roof, and looks crude.

It is crude, but I built it, and I like it. Maybe you have a better house. Four cows lived in a forest near a meadow. They were good friends and did everything together.

Short Stories For Kids

They grazed together and stayed together, because of which no tigers or lions were able to kill them for food. But one day, the friends fought and each cow went to graze in a different direction. A tiger and a lion saw this and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to kill the cows. They hid in the bushes and surprised the cows and killed them all, one by one.

Back to top. Who says moral stories for kids need to be all serious or morose? Here are a few that have a touch of humor. There were four friends who hated studying.

Short Stories For Kids

They partied all night before their exams and planned to skip the test by lying to the professor. So they went to the dean and told him that they had been to a wedding the previous night and on their way back, they had a flat tire. The dean listened and agreed to let them take the test on a later date. Happy that they got a second chance, the four friends studied hard and were ready for the exam.

On exam day, the dean asked the students to sit in separate classrooms, which the students agreed to. A man came back from a tour and boasted about his adventurous journeys. He talked at length about the different people he met and his amazing feats that got him fame and praise from people everywhere. He went on to say that he went to the Rhodes where he had leaped to such distances that no man could ever match his feat. He even went on to say that there were witnesses who would vouch for his words.

One day, a camel and her baby were chatting. These legs help us move around in the sand. But why are our eyelashes so long? Then what are we doing in a zoo? A farmer looking for a source of water for his farm bought a well from his neighbor.

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The neighbor was cunning, though, and refused to let the farmer take water from the well. So he went to Birbal, a clever man and one of the nine courtiers of Emperor Akbar, for a solution. The emperor called the farmer and his neighbor and asked why the man was not letting the farmer draw water from the well. But if you have sold the water and the water is yours, then you have no business keeping your water in his well. Remove the water or use it all up immediately. This section has fables and good short stories with morals for children, from different parts of the world.

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. He lead the life of a poor Brahmin man, living in a small hut with his wife and kids. One day, his wife suggested that he go and ask his friend Krishna for help. So his wife borrows some rice from the neighbors to make some rice snacks that Krishna liked, and gave it to Sudama to take it to his friend. Sudama took it and set out to Dwaraka. He was amazed at the gold that was used to build the city.

He reached the palace gates and was obstructed by the guards, who judged him by his torn dhoti and poor appearance. Sudama requested the guards to at least inform Krishna that his friend Sudama has come to meet him. The guard, although reluctant, goes and informs the lord. On hearing that Sudama was here, Krishna stops doing whatever he was doing and runs barefoot to meet his childhood friend. Krishna hugs Sudama welcomes him to his abode and treats him with utmost love and respect. But the all-knowing Krishna asks Sudama for his gift and eats his favorite rice snacks that his friend brought for him.

Krishna and his friend spend time laughing and talking about their childhood but Sudama, overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion showed by his friend, is unable to ask Krishna for help. When he returns home, Sudama finds that his hut has been replaced by a huge mansion and his wife and kids are dressed in fine clothes. Sudama realized how lucky he was to have a true friend like Krishna. True friends do not distinguish between rich and poor.

They are always there for you when you need them. A lone elephant wandered the forest looking for friends.

Friendship Stories For Children - Moral Stories For Kids - English Story Collection

The elephant them came across a rabbit and asked him if she could be his friend. Then the elephant met a frog and asked if she could be her friend.

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You cannot jump like me. The elephant asked a fox, and he got the same reply, that he was too big. The next day, all the animals in the forest were running in fear. The elephant stopped a bear and asked what was happening and was told that a tiger has been attacking all the animals. Seeing no other way to solve the problem, the elephant kicked the tiger and scared it away.

She then went back to the others and told them what happened. One day a wolf was chased away from a farm for trying to steal some of the sheep for food. Later that week, the wolf came back to the farm hoping to find some food. He peeped inside the house and found the farmer and his family feasting on lamb roast. We are quick to judge and condemn others for what they do, but see nothing wrong in doing so ourselves.

One day, a young crab and his mother were on the beach, spending some time together. The young crab gets up to move, but it can only walk sideways. His mother scolds him for walking sideways and asks him to walk forward by pointing his toes out front. Hearing this, his mom gets up to show him how, but even she is unable to bend her knees forward. She realizes that she was being unfair, apologizes sheepishly, and sits back in the sand. A young woman inherited a beautiful garden from her grandmother. She loved gardening too and was very proud of her garden. One day, she saw a very beautiful plant in a catalog and wanted that for her garden.

She ordered it and planted it at the base of the stonewall in her backyard. She took great care of the plant, which grew quickly and had beautiful green leaves on it.

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Months passed, but not a single flower bloomed on the tree. Vexed, she almost wanted to cut the tree down. All the care she took had paid off. Only the vine crept through the crevices because of which it did not flower on her side of the wall but did generously on the other side.

Free Short Stories to Read

Just because you cannot see the good results of your efforts does not mean that it bore no fruit. Morals that most fables come with are timeless, although the stories may be ancient. So, here are a few modern short stories with the same morals for kids that the age-old fables came with. A dog and her pups lived on a farm, where there was a well. The mother dog told the pups, do not go near the well or play around it.

He went to the well. Climbed up the wall and peeked inside. In there, he saw his reflection and thought it was another dog. The pup saw that the other dog in the well his reflection was doing whatever he was doing, and got angry for imitating him. He decided to fight with the dog and jumped into the well, only to find no dog there.

He barked and barked and swam until the farmer came and rescued him. The pup had learned his lesson. There was once a young boy who had problem controlling his temper. When he became angry, he would just say anything that came to his mind and hurt people. The first few days the boy hammered so many nails that he emptied half the bag.

Over the weeks, the number of nails he hammered to the fence reduced and gradually, his temper was much in control. His father asked him to remove one nail each day that he manages not to lose his temper.