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Click on the images for larger view. The panel poster fold-out insert features a vintage-style lunar map with invisible glow-in-the-dark art hidden throughout. Each of the moons encircling the Lunar Map represent a date of relevance to Reckless Kelly and Long Night Moon, with the specific moon that graced the night sky on that very date, the Shoshone Indian name for that moon phase, and the GPS location of the event.

Hidden within the design is a code to unlock the chords to all the tracks on the record, a story created from mixmatched lyrics from the record, an explanation of what the Long Night Moon is, a Homeric Hymn, constellations and a link to visit for unlocking ALL the secrets online.

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The stars included in the artwork are not randomly placed — but rather, in their true astronomical alignment to one another. Low piano chords, arco bass, and light, tom-oriented drumming set the stage perfectly for the simple acoustic guitar riff and the extended electric solo that closes out the song. It's a hell of an opener, and the band has difficulty coming up with anything as distinctive until near the end of the record.

Just because what follows "Long Night Moon" is more typical roots-rock songwriting doesn't mean it isn't quality material. As a band working in bars and clubs across North America, seeing the audience from behind their cell phones probably gets old night after night. While most of Long Night Moon is strong, Reckless Kelly occasionally falls into pedestrian country-rock. The record gets back on track with "Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart", which finds the band pulling out the old harmonica-plus-acoustic guitar trope.

But it's a perfectly placed sonic change of pace song that is very welcome at that point on the album, and leads nicely into the closing trilogy of songs. This trilogy begins with "The Only Home I've Ever Known", a gently rolling country song with a nicely played background duet between fiddle and distorted slide guitar. As the song comes to a close, it fades smoothly back into the instrumental "Long Night Moon Reprise ", which lasts for about a minute. And as the reprise fades away, the acoustic guitar riff slides right into closer "Idaho".

The three songs flow seamlessly, and "Idaho" manages to recall "Long Night Moon" without being a pale imitation. Lyrically, Braun talks about arriving back home in Idaho.

Long Night Moon of December 16

One presumes this is where he was heading in "Long Night Moon", and it provides a nice, quiet bookend to the album. Despite a couple of middling songs, the good stuff on Long Night Moon is very good indeed. Reckless Kelly are clearly comfortable with themselves, which means they aren't pushing any genre boundaries here but are focused on writing strong material. In the 20th century the music they play would likely be referred to as "country.

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It's interesting to see how bands in the 21st century who are influenced by classic country music all seem to gravitate towards terms like "Americana" and "roots rock. But their avoidance of the term is interesting. Ignorance is bliss, burning a hole in your pocket.

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We both paid full price for damaged goods. Two ignorant fools, happy and waning.

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