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My viajar. Although travelling can be easy and fun, it consists of different stages that sometimes are not so, especially depending on the origin and circumstances of the traveller. Arturo shares his adventures, paying an special attention to his long travel through the Asian South-East. Premia de Mar, Catalonia, Spain.

Addicted to traveling where I can meet different people and cultures and landscapes that have filled me with great feelings and experiences. And solidarity, for years, premise put into practice whenever I can. Sara suggest to discover the world one experience at a time. She relates her travel histories and also gives inspiring ideas to keep moving.

I was born on January 31, a few years ago, in the city of Mexico. I am the first of three children. I have always been traveling, my earliest memories are of trips in the company of my great love and Teacher: My dad. When I was little I used to take us camping trip as Site is happening, so I met a thousand great places. And I had the most beautiful travel experiences. My name is Julian King, and was born in Murcia, Spain, in early Since I can remember, my greatest passion was travel. I can not say exactly when it started, but I remember the hours employed observing a small globe that gave me one of my birthday, or the curiosity with which he read any Atlas, any map in any book, or illusion I saw the documentary that showed such different customs and cultures to which I was accustomed.

Group of young spanish travellers sharing impressions, thoughts and breathtaking pictures of their tryps around the world. The freshness and nature of their texts feels like sharing a drink with them while reading. Hi friends, the purpose of this blog is to remember our travels, feelings and vivid memories in the future. We present stories and blogs from other travelers, so our intention is to help, as far as possible, with our photos and prints those travelers who want to visit these places. Jairo is an Spanish backpacker who has been on two long trips in Asia.

He relates his experiences in "mochilanomada", getting ready to get back on the road. Over 7 years we walked together and decided to make a trip to Asia, traveling and making a new lifestyle. Backpacking through the world, in Spanish, Rober and Lety present their travel adventures in a neatly, slightly alternatively designed, website.

Carlos Lopez Campillo and Elena Martin are two backpackers who enjoy traveling and experiencing new things in life every day in every minutes. Here you can follow their stories from different places. They even created an online TV to share their amazing videos. My passion is to travel the world, as I am small everywhere unpaid ticket.

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In this blog I will tell my travels and experiences. However, be patient with me I am very small and the keyboard is huge! Website created among a group of spanish travellers to share destinations and curiosities about places around the globe. From tiny islands to vast extensions, there is quite a lot to be read here!

They want to share their travels with other travellers, offering the opportunity to learn, visit and discover new places. This couple travels the world with their three kids, sharing their experiences and giving tips for other families! The best trip is always next. Traveler and blogger in my blog my travel story with pictures, tips, utilities for the traveler and a dash of cuisine. My name is Carolina. I stand as the typical person who loves to travel, eat and discover all sorts of sites and rare places I use this corner to share these experiences with you and to leave a journal to reread and enjoy those moments again!

Travel the world and Mexico by following the steps of my traveling feet. Post, tips and pictures that will encourage you to travel. Michele and Laura share their great Asian travel, giving useful information and writing their own histories! Nicholas Pasiecznik, Journalist. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since participates in various print, radio, television and audiovisual media in Argentina and Spain.

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In he was certified as Correspondent in conflict areas through the International Red Cross in Geneva. In the past 15 years traveled nearly 40 countries from different continents and has since engaged in writing travel stories and art criticism. Many of them are part of this blog. Personal site of this Spanish radio journalist, who shares curious news about any country on earth. Antonio was born in in Murcia - he has gone a long way since then.

His relatively recent blog recounts mainly his experiences in India. This is the travel journal of Juanjo and Ruth, a project to show their travel passion. They share useful information and curiosities , tips and travel stories , beer and good food. A little of them and about the people they found on the way. Trip journal from a Spanish teacher, addicted to literature and languages.

She bring notes to discover places, books, London and more…. Alicia Bea is a journalist with a travel blog aimed to people who enjoy to pack and unpack their luggage, who dream of new horizons and surprising experiences Javier Mazorra is an art historian and cuentaviajes two vocations that shares both in newspapers and in radio, magazines or web Oscar and Noe on love to arrive, observe, stop, ask, understand, touch, improvise, interact, listen, talk… To understand that other ways are possible!

Overseas is the nickname of the author, who has travelled since she was young but as of goes around with her son who has accompanied her to a number of countries. Website in Spanish by a traveller who has gone around the world and is now on a mission without a return date. Travelling is a dream that only you can make real! Will you join me? Jose share his trips, offering useful tips for other travelers. Pau Klein traveler blogger since and before. David and Mireia fulfilled their life dream with their tour around the world. They wanted to share their personal vision of the world and they did it at this blog.

I'm not sure if I am "a traveler" or not. Although I live in an almost constant state of travel, traveling is not an end in itself, but a result of successive and happy life choices that make me have become a person who is lucky enough to be continuously different and distant places. We love to travel, write, photograph and film. We love getting lost in faraway places, telling stories and talking to people. We also love the food and drink, books, cinema and theater, music and sport.

These two travellers have decided to take a break in their lives to spend two months in Thailand,. Pablo is a teacher in Buenos Aires and guess what he does during his free time This friendly blog shows us around Pablo's world. Virgina and Alejandro travel with their bikes… and also with their dogs Pioja and Pumba. You can follow their adventures at this blog. The world is huge, and life is too short. Therefore, at 17 I decided to start traveling the world.

Curiosity and empathy were the two tools that led me to travel the globe in search of adventure and knowledge. I think life is a game of perspectives: all change if we look from another point of view. This is what happens when you travel, look around from the other side. We are two travelers who are not satisfied, so we go to discover landscapes that leave us breathless, cultures change our heads, to understand what happens beyond this very concise little reality which we are involved.

And we're going for it. Jorge Bela is called to be one of the most important bloggers from Colombia. Pictures and text are combined in a nice balance atmosphere. With this blog we want to share our travels and hope to serve you aid the planning of yours. We like to travel independently, learn about other cultures, active tourism, and for 7 years; family trips.

We tend to look at the plans to be together children and adults alike and we enjoy. Gustavo and Elke spent 5 years in a trip around the world by motorbike, sharing their experiences at this blog. A place for people who enjoys traveling, learning, watching, understanding, mixing with nature and escaping from the routine. Maria and Pancho meet at El Cairo some years ago and they have not stopped traveling since them. They share their experience while prepare a trip around the world.

Hello to all! We are Erika and Luiz, and we are starting our adventure through Latin America, a dream that slowly becomes reality. The world opened for us to know! Ruben travels the world with his video camera, preparing interesting and useful videos about all his destinations. By now we are just out of our country willing to continue visiting every place of our beautiful continent. Ray around the world, with a strong Argentinian identity, writes about the trails Under reconstruction, but we expect greatness when it is ready.

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A blog where an Spanish couple of travellers propose a lot of places to discover in their own country. This web combines a lot of information about some international travels with a complete hiking guide for Spain. Three Spanish friends travel the world, creating funny videos and spreading the Spanish culture in their really particular way.

Sabino from Spain is one of the travellers who have really been around the world and through his website we see a lot of his life philosophy. While travelling will not make your life longer, he muses, it can make it 'wider'. How true. I'm Veronica Lamberti, passionate traveler, journalist and student of history. I decided to create a blog to share my experiences and invite you to explore the ways of the world I think,the university of life. The backpack is our friend and our rule of improvisation, this is our maximum. There are many sites you want to go but based travel, we have learned that there is always something to discover everywhere.

We have always thought that life is what happens to you when you're traveling. With that we have always made the most vacation to live and learn how they live elsewhere. Gonzalo is currently preparing a trip around the world. He shares his plans, interviews other travelers and writes about his home and his other travel experiences. Traveling is an investment for the spirit. Yes, but it is also an economic investment. I do not promote a style of particular journey, everyone is free to travel as you want.

If you prefer to visit museums and monuments, indulge yourself in the history of each place. If you like getting lost in between the streets and see the nightlife, do they ache feet. Welcome to Siempre hacia el oeste Always westward a Journal of a world tour and other travel Here you can find amazing travel stories and photographs from different paces and people in the world. Get tips, get to know new places and find your new distention! Javi and Eva are in a trip around the world. They have been on the road for more than two years and propose us to follow their trail! Following Footsteps is a dream that was born a few years ago when I got the crazy idea to visit the famous " Camino de Santiago".

Of all the mix and the desire to do something different and innovative was when I was convinced I had to do an "interactive " documentary to share my adventure with those purchased. If you wait enough, people will forget about you camera and their souls will appear. This couple travel the world, sharing with use their histories and pictures.

Sergio and Silvia travel everytime they can, and they want to make the people enjoy their travels with them through this blog. My name is Veronica Boned Devesa, but everyone calls me "Vero". I am the sum of 34 years of experiences, experiences in different countries, some sacrifice and great rewards. I own a dream I pursue and guide me, I want to travel the world! In the middle of Claudia decided to bought a one-way flight to Asia, she has been discovering the world and relating her experience at this blog. Jose and Valle define themselves as nomads, they travel the world and share their personal histories at this blog.

Interesting blog in Spanish which links travel to technology in an appealing way thanks to Juan Antonio's engineering background. This couple likes to discover new countries with an smile in their faces, they bring us their impressions at this blog. My name is Alejandra. I always wanted to go out and meet this wonderful world that awaits us all.

Over the years I began to explore it very slowly and that gave me satisfaction as so great that I hope I never lose the sense of freedom, every time you charge me a backpack. They were on a trip around the world for a year and a half, now they share this and other experiences at this blog. Teva shows you the places where she has been, helping you to create a perfect planning for your next trip.

Hi, I'm Alfonso and this is my blog traveler, Thanks for stopping!. I'm not a journalist or photographer, but someone who likes to entertain enjoying adventures in the world, discovering corners, places, and especially We are Erik and Ania, a hardened travelers that we like to see, learn, and particularly enjoy everything around us.

We traveled by van, train, bus, boat and whatever it takes just to get to our destination with or without backpack.

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I'm Angie! Officially, I'm an English Translator technical-scientific literature and public. But most of my time is spent on travel and writing about it. I am a self-declared travel writer : A storyteller, according to several people who read me. Toni is from Barcelona and his blog, in Spanish, presents his multiple travel adventures around the world Veronica loves to travel and she also likes to write her experiences, another way to live, feel and interact with the others.

Carmen is a smiling active young Spaniard that travels intensively all around the world, living a semi-nomadic life. Read her around the world adventures and reflexions in her well designed website. Website of a spanish handcraft trader, who twice a year travels overland from Europe to the Guinea Gulf, covering the whole Sahara and Sahel, and having become an expert in that area. His stories, reflexions and overall, pictures, are of a superlative human quality. Mari Thereza has a restless travel monster inside, she wanders the world sharing her experiences here. From her first trip to London in April , Judith has been dedicated to tour Europe from the most typical to the most unknown places.

She shares her experiences and also gives information about technology. Kailos from La Palma writes in Spanish about his amazing voyage and does the best to promote his island as well. My name is Leticia. Mauxi wants to share her curiosity for everything, she writes tips that she has collected during her wanderings all over the world. In this blog three Peruvian bloggers try to promove the idea of a sustentaible tourism, sharing also their personal experiences inside and outside their country.

A traveler Argentine guy who is currently living in New Zealand, planning to come back to Europe crossing Asia hitchhiking. Juan Alaya is a gluten intolerant traveler who has completed a gluten-free tour around the world. He shares his experiences, giving useful tips for other gluten intolerants at his blog. Rodolfo Paneque is a Cuban fascinated by travels, who describes his adventure going out of Cuba and discovering the world.

My name is Gabriel. Having already traveled the exotic Southeast Asian and a bit of India, this new venture will try to get from Argentina to Mexico with the ideal backdrop of beautiful Latin American culture. Happiness is not complete but is shared The author uses his vast travel experience to recommend interesting places all over the world. There are almost recommendations and the blog continues updating!

Edgardo and Julia are two inseparable halves as "A world of experience". This project, travel and see the world, is born of something so beautiful and pure like a dream. This blog was created with the goal of having, sharing and documenting a very important stage of my life. A long journey across 5 continents that even today continues to amaze me, teaching and showing new ways around the world. Welcome to a world for 3. It's a travel website and a family blog where you will find the traveling adventures of a nice and interesting family.

A father, mother and their young son. Rocio loves to travel and to write, she has infinite plans and she want to share them with everybody. Everybody need a little of South to be able to see the North! Here you can find useful information to travel South America, and also to live in London or Berlin! Travel, and live life to me is the same. It is like a coin with the same face. Be traveling in another country is the best way to "enjoy" life. I love being in contact with people of other cultures and share their daily routine so different to ours.

Una Argentina en Holanda, One day I found love, or love found me. Next thing you know, I was married and living on the other side of the world: the Netherlands. A Spanish girl in Panama. Changing life of a Spanish in Panama: Information for expatriates wishing to emigrate, settle and work in Panama. Tourism and travel in Panama.

My name is Chelo - although some also call me Cocki - and I was born in the city of Valencia. My passion for travel started a few years ago, in , when I was chosen to participate in a European project of cultural exchange between young people from other countries: the Comenius Project. Here's to blame for my love of travel! My name is Eva, I'm a backpacker by nature and my passion is traveling. Many years ago I started to go with my family, alone, with friends, weekend, long vacation This is something I do not just prepare the travel itself, but because I think that preparations are already part of the trip.

Oscar and Clau want to visit all continents, know all the wonders of the world, talk with people from so different cultures, try new foods… and share everything at their blog! Blai from Spain is very well travelled for his age and his Spanish blog gives all the thoughts, details and some photographs from these perigrinations. A family, nature lover and travel which is excited spending free time together. For 20 years we shared experiences and what has so far been our "travel diary" private, has gradually evolved into this blog. My full name is Carlos Olmo Bosco and call me the vagabonds.

Discovered "the other way to travel" at age 16, when I turned to Spain with a friend during the summer of , with 5, pta 30 euros or dollars in his pocket, a backpack, a sleeping bag and a great desire to soak up the "New Spain" after the death of Franco. The spanish photographer Oscar Castedo has traveled to a lot of places in the world, discovering their cultures and diversity. He shares his histories and photos, always looking for new experiences and challenges. In their blog they have histories about unique places, travelling tips and a lot more.

Marta from Spain has been travelling for years and has now launched a site in which she will be presenting everything she learned We are Alexandra and David, a couple of Colombians who live in Mexico City, dreaming of knowing the world. Many things are changing every day, yet our purpose is still intact. But he has been traveling for some years and have some adventures to share!

Hector Ocampo is the founder of this complete tourist guide about Colombia. On this travel site you will find lot of information about the most visited cities, accommodation, travel agencies, the local gastronomy and the events that take place along the year. Javier and Miguel Blanquer are two spanish adventurers who travel the world looking for new paths to walk and new mountains to climb Indira Palomiro talks about her country, Peru, and also organizes excursions to some hidden destinies.

A bunch of spanish travel addicts writing in a funny but realistic way all they discovered in their many trips around the globe. The site is quite updated and well designed. Denys and Kate are an Ucranian couple living at Madrid. They are explorers, adventurers and savers. They like to enjoy unique experiences, always looking for the best relation between price and quality. Mario and Loli travel Europe on their van, discovering new wonders with their children at every new road.

Argentinian young traveller Aniko Villalba spends a long time on the road. The impressive galleries of pictures as well as her written thoughts are a must read. I do everything I want, and that for reasons of availability and mostly money, we can afford only one trip a year and some other getaway weekend. But little by little I am getting to know the world, which is the most important thing!

Spanish blog about ravelling. Isabel Manchero is a traveller who writes about her interesting trips. Vero and Jordi define themselves as two freaks discovering the world, who like to share their travel adventures. All experience has a reflective side, call it evolution, people, stories, places, experiences good or bad , and even situations that surprise you and are completely unexpected. At that point I call him and evolution and in the simplest case "thoughtful spot". This blog will tell you the adventures and misadventures of two characters from different latitudes of the world.

Like many, we are taking our first steps of explorers, and slowly we began to contemplate those discovered lands, civilizations with heaping of culture, life and a perpetual legacy of history. He likes to write about it, always with his personal feelings and his ironic humour sense. My name is Daniel Ruiz. I am 42 years old, have three children, and "my other job" is related to online marketing and communication. I consider myself passionate about the internet, in the broadest sense. A part of this travel blog I maintain other projects, some related to travel and tourism that may be of interest.

In this blog you can see the pictures of a travel around the world, a Follow travel stories, get tips and pieces of advice from a true traveler. There are a lot of useful travel stories written by a experienced traveler for you to find your way easier and decide where is going to be your next destination.

What I do is read, travel, take photos and write, go back, read more and write more, find where to publish and suddenly, I'm making suitcase and start again, but in general I'm starting. This traveller who dislikes being called a tourist is nicknamed 'Willie Fogg' by her friends, for obvious reasons! This is the story of guy that smiles a lot and has a social goal to achieve.

His idea includes countries, At this stage, he is looking for support to start the journey on March Javier Adan write about the cities where he has been, sharing also some travel tips and curiosities. Pablo and Anna has been for 15 years on the road, discovering all the corners of the world with their 4x4. They have a lot of incredible histories to share, and they don't plan to stop traveling! That first of July when we started our trip marked a definitive course in our life, our customs and our hearts.

We are Diana and Joseph and we are in Mexico. We created this website to show that anything is possible, specifically to travel more than a couple of weeks a year just to get out of everyday life can be if you give it priority. At this blog Maria gives travelling advices suitable for every budgets. She shares her personal experiences, and also curiousities, tips and travel histories. Travelling is their passion. They love preparing trips, working on the routes, logistics In , they quitted their jobs in Spain and started to travel around the world without stop!

Ainara and Sonia want to travel more with less money! They have done some really big trips and they share them at this blog. A Spanish couple who give a lot of useful and historical information about all the places they visit. Estela from Segovia but living in Germany writes this blog with impressions from her many journeys. Osvaldo is from Panama and has explored Central America as a backpacker, extending his world considerably. He has been in 50 countires, and in this blog he shares more than My main hobby is photography but I also work professionally. I enjoy travelling and learning from different cultures and experiences so that we can make a world better.

I also participate as an author in Global Voices and many of my images have been published there as well as in magazines and news media in Argentina. Blogger writes about his trips and the experiences he has gained during his travelling time. Very interesting and readable. In addition to that, he also covers some music topics and share photography tips.

Andres Brenner is from Argentina and his blog is a trip into his world, which is truly a different dimension to that of most of us! Viaxadoiro is a collection of stories and travelers experienced daily in the first person by us: a couple in their thirties who enjoy talking about their travels Welcome to our home! Cristina and Daniel love to travel, discover and feel the world. The blog started as a private project that they finally decided to share with the world. This is the online diary he wrote while being on the road. A woman makes the perigrination to Santiago de Compostela and all the places on the road Really great photos!

Discover every region of the world through personal stories and sense just how far you have gone. Click on the flag of your choice to meet global travel bloggers in their language. Or search our blog archive: Search. A salto de mata Beautifully designed blog of this spaniard traveling with his wheel chair all around the globe, and giving tips and hints for those in his situation. A vueltas por el mundo Personal site in spanish of a young couple how decided to quit their jobs and travel around the world with limited budget.

Abierto por vacaciones Blog with a lot of travel experiences, focused in giving useful information for the potential travelers. Acceso Total Ana Belmonte and Yoss Castle get together to bring you the best of different cities, showing the fun and entertainment side of every place they visit. Ahora Toca Viajar A backpacker travel blog born in a small room, longer than wide, with a tiny window overlooking inner courtyard and an ugly gray.

Al este por el oeste This family bought the time to fulfill their dreams, starting a great trip around the world. Alan x el Mundo Alan Estrada is a Mexican traveller who created a website with a lot of videos to share the things he has seen, and also to "inspire" other travellers to discover our beautiful planet. Alfredo y Cati por el mundo Alfredo and Cati share their travel experiences, mostly in Europe but also in some other destinies like China or Morocco.

Alicia Sornosa Alicia Sornosa is a Spanish journalist that claims to be the first woman to have been all around the world with her motorbike. Altres indrets Tourism is the origin, the route is an end in itself, and destination starts a new course. Amerika en Kombi Juan Martin and Maria Mondini, two travelers who share their ideas and traveling stories on this blog with you, so you can get tips and make a better decision for your next destination. Ameseros Viajeros A group of bloggers created this website to help people to plan travels, give ideas about when and where travel and discover curious angles of the world.

Amigo Viajero This blog has been created to enjoy the art of travel. Antonio y Trini por el mundo Antonio and Trini travel in their own way, without rushes or attachments. Aprendiendo a ser Amneris loves travelling, writing and most of all learning. Asiasido This traveling couple has shared a lot of interesting and detailed histories about their Asian experiences. Aventuras Our names are Mary Ann and William. Basket world tour Two basketball trainers travel around the world, discovering how the people live their sport at the different countries.

Beats of my trips Aran and Richi have just started an ambitious blog about travelling and elastic life. Bitacoras de Viaje I'm Andrew, 26, Uruguayan, and lover of travel and extreme sports. Bogota Divina This blog was created for one purpose: datear the hundreds of wine lovers, good food and good living with the best places in the country.

Caminando Por el Globo Simply this is what this blog believes in "Poor are those who are afraid to take risks, because that might not ever disappoint, nor have disappointments, or suffer like chasing a dream. Chavetas Spanish couple travelling to exotic destinations all over the globe. Ciudadano en el Mundo Ivan is from beautiful Oviedo in Asturias, Spain, but that didn't stop him from wonderlust to see it all. Ciudadanos Del Mundo Welcome to Ciudadanos Del Mundo, This is travel blog full of personal experiences in traveling in different places for anyone who might be planning to visit there Colombia de Una My name is Toya Viudes, I'm Spanish, Mediterranean from head to toe, love the sea, travel journalist and blogger with my blog of Colombia.

Comete El Mundo This blog is a new project we undertake with great enthusiasm to impart our desire to travel and discover new places in the world. Con arena en la mochila Robert and Ely love the adventure, the feeling of being lost with their backpacks in any place of the world. Con los pies por la Tierra My name is Victoria, I have 29 30 Cronicas Argonauta My name is Irene and my life so far does not deserve much explanation! Cruzar la Puerta Welcome to Cruzar la Puerta. Cultivando Turismo My name is Santiago Parma. Cyclotherapy This is the story of a very slow speed journey, the one set by the speed of a bicycle.

Dale viaja This project has been launched, short time ago, by Nico and Claudia from Argentina. David Fuentes Blog of David, a really cool guy from Madrid who certainly has the travel bug De Ilusion a Recuerdo In this blog journalist Patricia Velasco talk about the emotions that travel awakens Destinos errantes Berbe is always moving! Diabarama This blogs tries to show unknow aspects about the world, less visible wonders that we use to forget. Dianamiaus Diana is a travel blogger who shares her experiences in a blog with a lot of stories from her travels in South East Asia.

Diari de la Bona Vida - Catalan and Spanish We recognized we are glued to the different ways of knowing the world. Diario de a Bordo Isabel and Xavier travel around the world, and keep track of their memories in this personal well designed blog. Diario de un Mentiroso My name is Michael, I'm from the generation of Diario de un trotamundos Travelling blog about the world. Nice pictures and detailed content. Diario de viaje de Kiana A trip, like a book, always starts with anxiety and ends with melancholy.

Diario de Viajes Merche is quite interested, as she says, in culture, religion, and traditions, and what better way to learn about them all than travelling! Diarios de viaje Iciar is an insatiable traveler who never stop dreaming. Donde finaliza el Norte Laura shares her hiking and mountain climbing experiences all over Spain, and also her international travels! Donde Me Dejes Llevarte I love writing and I love to travel but do not always have time or money to visit the world.

Dos mochilas en ruta This is the story of two young travellers from the East coast of Spain. Dulce peseta This spaniard, after living in several countries while studying, became a humanity lover, and so you can notice while reading his trips around the world. Earth Side Walk Yes, he is walking around the world and he is certainly one to look out for Edu y Eri Viajes Eduardo and Erika are an Spanish couple who share their trips, trying to give useful information for other travellers.

El Atlas del Viajero So far this is just beginning but we expect that with a title of this calibre Atlas of the Traveller it will grow. El blog de Ikusuki Blog about Japan writed by a spanish guy who actually lives in Japan! El blog de Molly A blog where cute Molly appears in every picture that is taken around the world Interesting and fun. El blog de Paco Nadal I studied chemistry, but what I like the most is to travel. El Boqueron El Boqueron Traveler is a creative, bilingual and bicultural project based on enthusiasm, sensitivity and curiosity, in order to communicate the essence of what it means to travel.

El Cocinero Viajero I spent nearly two years in Cali and I fell in love with the city, the people, the food, the music, the swing, the aterdeceres El Diwan Marta shares all her travel experiences, giving lots of useful information and photos. El Hombre sin Patria The man without a homeland, is the title of this well designed and well written blog, though we have difficulties finding an 'about' section!

El lobo bobo Paco started to write this blog to collect his memories from past trips, a way to travel again to his favourite destinies. El Mundo a la Vuelta I like geography, travel, experience new cultures and learning languages. El mundo a tus pies The adventure of traveling, knowing people, places and cultures… Learning how to live! El mundo con mochila Manolo is a Spanish traveller who explains in this site his experiences, thoughts and adventures during his around the world trips.

El Mundo en bicicleta Also in French, a couple biking around the world El Viaje de mi Vida Lots of photos and lots of post dating back to will find you leafing through this blog for quite a while. En el mundo perdido Xipo and Vero started the blog to relate their Erasmus experiences at Brussels. En los mapas me pierdo This couple spent almost a year travelling the world. En una Mochila The writer is someone who is constantly traveling. Enlazador de mundos Young spanish traveller sharing his thoughts on a more than inspiring hitchhiking around the world voyage, lasting over days, mixing with locals and living weird experiences.

Escritora Viajera Gemma Teodoro is the "traveller writer", a blogger who talks about her experiences focusing on travels, food, walks and dreams Escuela 21 Alfredo Hernando traveled around the world, searching the most innovative schools. Eurowon This Spanish couple living in Korea share their point of view on the country and many others as they settled down there long ago. Experimentar Viajando Silvia Marti always loved travelling and is especially interested in the various Unesco Heritage Sites. Facundo en el Mundo I went out looking for the experience of travelling the world.

Finlandia no Esta Tan Lejos In "Finland is not so far" a Spanish family living in Finland share their experiences and impressions about life in this Nordic country. Flamenkita Viajera My name is Zoranlly, I left my home country when I was 8 and I still have not crossed it since then, according to my birth certificate I was born in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Flying Drawer The flying drawer began as a dream of travelling around the world while this hope makes the world keep turning. Folk que ando Laura and Chema are currently in a long journey around the world. Fotos de viaje: Belen H Original travel blog without text. Belen share her travel impressins through pictures and music. Fronteras the borders blog Have you ever thought of how many curious stories about borders are hidden to the open public? Gema de viaje I am "Velociraptor", 26 years old, I discovered what makes me happy in life is to travel.

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Hoja de Rutas Organized blog with a lot of experiences about the travels of Telemaco and Circe all around the world. Hombre Lobo Eduardo, most know as "hombrelobo" direwolf has a website with more than videos about his travels around the world. Imanes de viaje Regi and Juanra have collected magnets from a lot of places.

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Round the 21 Wonders Alejo is in a great travel around the world, aimed to visit the 21 world wonders! In addition to this, and on top of any noteworthy fact, a new travel magazine appeared with a specific personality and different models from the earlier mags: Altair. This particular magazine will be analysed in great detail later in this paper and it will be explained why is different from the rest of travel magazines. After the fast resolution by the government, the country stabilized the traditional devaluation of the Spanish peseta. The huge demand of travel texts by the country could not continue unperceived and in , the National Geographic edits the first editions of its magazine in Spanish thanks to RBA editors Poole, This is the first place in Europe where the American magazine bets continue growing, and its second in the world after Japan Since the last years of the 90s, around twenty STM still coexist.

But this area of interest is now presented in other media ways, argues Belenguer , p. Since the last decade, it has been frequent to watch travel documentaries in all TV channels. Jarvis supports this and adds that video magazines became What is more, there are already travel guides for users interested in digital travel magazines Ibid, , p. For the magazine industry, social media represent the relationship with the client, and now both travel together in order to get the best experiences and recommendations.

Furthermore, Canalis claims that through multimedia platforms, advertisements can be achieved in a visual, easy and unique way. Holidaytruths, Gogobot or Tripadvisor are advice platforms for travellers. Taking Tripadvisor as an example, it has million users and more than million reviews and opinions Digital Company Statistics, Equally, magazines have another rivals: blogs and bloggers.

Filgueira , states that blogs are very rich because they narrate subjective experiences of others. The fact that the user directly generates its content during or after the trip becomes a beautiful source of information to comprehend how tourists or adventurers On account of this, companies choose blogs because they are a cheap marketing tool, daily updates and fast feedback.

What can be deduced from this is that digital travel guides have an advantage in the face of print magazines: the information is continuously up to date Llantada, Moreover, Filgueira concludes that on top of this, there are blogs focused on a specific multimedia content such as Video blogs, photo blogs or audio blogs, where the reader can surf with simplicity and go into detail in any topic , p. Thus, Travel 2. But are digital platforms killing print travel magazines? The clash and the pressures between print and digital are more than evident, particularly given the rapid improvement in the quality of digital publications, and the demand for them to do more than merely replicate the content of print titles online Canalis Travel magazines are rethinking their marketing strategies so that they could remain viable digitally.

From a business perspective, the cost of printing, circulating and delivering print media exceeds that of a digital version online Llantada, Thanks to technology advances, digitized media is much more practical for purchase and download. The digital medium is much more dynamic because it has the potential of embedded videos, ads and links on the same page. Thanks to the rise of Kindle, iPad or other tables, the accessibility to the average reader is huge. In fact, travel magazines have been widely predicted as a consequence of the boom in apps, blogs and the top 10 online lists.

In the last decade, a lot of people have discovered their opinions writing blogs or sharing in social networks. For online brands, print is a brilliant way Digital platforms allow to instantaneously sharing with a larger audience. But online travel magazines need to perform different strategies. Hence, magazine publishers started adding news feeds to their apps, which is a clear reason to return on a daily basis. But print STM are not dead, although plenty experts have predicted their death Belenguer, Their numbers might drop, but they will never die.

However, surviving without advertising is tough. STM derive half of their income from advertising. Print STM are able to succeed in a digital world at present because digital technologies are not universally available and printed materials are much easier to be found accidentally. Moreover, digital technologies are not stable enough to become viable alternatives to print Llantada, Therefore, in order to survive, STM need to set itself apart from the web.

Physical forms of the written word need to offer a clear and different experience, and all technological opportunities that can be used to support and interact with print are definitely a bonus and not a threat Canalis, But that was in , before the digital revolution, the global financial crisis and the clash and pressure between print and digital. They all have negatively affected the print STM industry in Spain.

Thus, it is right to affirm that the literature covering the topic of this dissertation is currently undeveloped and requires further investigation in depth. Therefore, it is clear that there is a real need to undertake a research in this area because it will be beneficial to discover the latest news associated with the STM. There are several areas open for further research. These include questions about the current number of existing STM with their differences in terms of structure, model and content statistics; the consumer behaviour of the Spanish population with the latest trends; interviews with experts in the field; the impact digitalisation had on travel magazines and photographers.

In addition, the dissertation also needs a research on the migration of readers from print to digital in specialist magazines. In brief, this study paper will disclose what has happened to magazines worldwide, focusing more on the move from print to digital and why there is a struggle with falling sales and a drop in advertising. It should be pointed out that various universities, magazine libraries and houses of experts were visited for the purpose of analysing old and new STM.

As one of the main focuses of this dissertation is to analyse all existing STM, first and foremost, the 39 print magazines created between and will be disclosed. Then, the 21 that still currently exist will be described with short individual description so that each one of them could be distinguished. Several methods of research are needed to address the questions that are raised in the literature review.

These questions are concerned with the effects that the digital revolution, the global financial crisis and the clash and pressures between print and digital had on the market. As there is no subsequent information after about the STM field, questions about the current travel magazine world should be asked. How much have mags changed and what is now the difference between them? In order to gain such information, there were chosen different professionals from the sphere to answer such queries.

Berger , p. Thus, the individuals stated earlier are a potential source of information because each of them is related to the industry in a dissimilar way. They all were interviewed in different ways, because although each of them is within the travel magazine industry, their profession varies one from another. This is important because it will disclose how one of the first STM has adapted to the market. Also, he has a rich knowledge of travel photography and Also, I wanted to discuss some facts from his book.

He is a travel writer and currently writes for viajesmagazine, which is his property, and it is only available digitally. He will also uncover some of the techniques, visions and future of his digital magazine. On the other hand, two people were interviewed on the telephone. Therefore, it was interesting to unmask the reasons and causes of such decision. The magazine was launched in November in Spain. This interview is important because Clara has the chance to work for one of the luxury travel magazines. Tino Soriano was interviewed on Facebook. He is a travel photographer at National Geographic Society.

The main purpose of my interview with him was to disclose the future of photography within the STM. He is considered as one of the best Spanish photographers up to now. He also collaborated with travel guides and high volume books, as it was the case with Planeta, Espasa or Lunwerg. He is the perfect choice to describe the STM market because of his wider vision gained throughout his professional career.

He is another travel photographer who has been working for more than 15 years as a freelancer. I interviewed him by email he has been struggling all over his career, and therefore I wanted to know his current status and the future of the STM. Samir Husni, leading expert in magazine publishing, was interviewed on Twitter. He was chosen because I wanted to ask a foreign expert in regard with the STM situation and future.

Bryan is an investigative reporter and director of special investigations for National Geographic magazine. He was chosen with the same purpose as Samir Husni: to present his idea about the STM future from a foreign point of view. Furthermore, he will be asked for some statistics regarding the evolution of National Geographic in the Spanish version in the last few years.

From another perspective, however, the second of the primary research methods used to answer the questions included street intercept surveys with people from Madrid. Driscoll states that this kind of survey tends to be exploratory and specific, and it gains a fast overview. The place is central and it is, surely, where the most people pass through.

Three different days were required to build the three charts further in the study. The days were the 5th , 6th and 7th of August On each day, the survey respondents had to answer only one question in person. In this way the surveys will get more randomness and efficacy and the number of the survey respondents will vary one day from another.

Thus, on the 5th of August there were survey respondents, followed by and in the second and third day respectively. The three survey questions above were destined to develop the image of the STM readers. Thanks to this, it could be established the consumer behaviour in the same way as the market niche travel magazines should focus on in greater degree. The objectives of the researches were to gain a clearer picture of the entire STM industry as seen through the eyes of the experts and the readers.

  • Die tonnel (Afrikaans Edition).
  • Paths of Stone.
  • Legata e Tormentata: Una Fantasia Lesbo BDSM (Italian Edition);
  • Navigation.
  • Oak Harbor;

Indeed, the intention of this paper was to update the body of literature exposed earlier and the best way to achieve that aim was by choosing the primary research methods stated above. This includes ten interviews with industry experts as well as the street interception survey that was conducted in Madrid. As the dissertation aims to analyse all existing STM, all of those stated in the literature review are presented first. Moreover, he showed some data regarding the body area of six print travel magazines this was something performed on his own accord.

The statistics are illustrated in the following table see appendix two. According to the table, four out of the six magazines have more graphic space than text. Photography therefore becomes a fundamental element and in all of the six publications the number of pictures exceeds , which clearly means that there are 1,5 photos per page. Such numbers could be considered as high because pictures have bigger size in most of the cases.

Once known the data from , it will be interesting to disclose and compare what STM had in to what they have nowadays. What should be noted from the results see appendix nine is that the total space remains the same. The main differences compared with the table from are that both magazines have increased their graphic space. Thus, it is right to say that there are fewer advertisements and an increase of graphic space in both STM. Most of STM are affected by commercial requirements and they only cover subjects where they can get advertising in.

A total of 86 features was analysed from , and therefore features from The percentage As a consequence, it should be pointed out that STM are no longer interested in writing features about economy, ethnography, arts and politics. In answer to how much have mags changed and what is now the difference between them, it has to be pointed out that the change was developed due to series of events. Those include the development and promotion of the free time and leisure; bigger sensibility in terms of native and cultural globalisation; and the editorial expansion in both digital and print regarding specialised travel magazines.

Thus, there are a couple of changes with First, STM have now a reduction of workforce, therefore the labour costs are now relatively low. In the six main STM from , the number of editors fluctuated between two and four Belenguer, The number now fluctuates between one and two.


The number of graphic designers was between one and three, except Geo, which had five. On average, STM had between four and six freelance writers and photographers who were collaborating regularly to each travel magazine. Notwithstanding, there are several model groups that differ from other STM presently. Given that publishing houses have been searching for their niche product in the market during the last decade, there are now four different groups.

The key element that represents these publications is the long interpretative feature. Short sections including news information and tools do not exist any longer. The content pretends to have a rigorous image with seriousness in such a way that travel stories remain justified with informational examples in a cultural, historical, scientific and ecological way.

The graphic element of this group is carefully performed with big quality pictures, graphics and maps Belenguer, The text in these STM is directed towards tourism and leisure, pretending to be useful as a guide and orientation for the reader. Thus, the content insists on underlining the most favourable, positive and touristic aspects from the visited places Belenguer, With a fresh and agile writing style, these publications alternate short features with numerous sections characterised by their overloaded data guides, suggestions, excursions, diaries , accompanied with pictures and a huge proliferation of graphic resources.

This group chooses simple diagramming, correct pictures and informal texts. The key element it is the feature and next to each feature there are opinion pieces or interviews with adventurers. The publications are very personal where the adventurer- protagonist is always present and plays an important role. The most representative STM The fourth group is composed by those STM that are concerned for the human factor and the ethnographic dissemination. Travelling therefore is not considered as a touristic entertainment but as a knowledge tool of other cultures, their natural surroundings and survival.

These publications respect the environment and the cultural diversity. In addition, there are argumentative sections with opinion texts. The magazines that create this group are Orizon and Altair only on its digital platform. As a continuation from all the travel magazines stated earlier in the table between and see appendix one , the next step is to present each of those that still exist.

Therefore, each one from the 21 STM will be mentioned with short individual description. It covers topics such as gastronomy, nature and style hotels with monographs. It is directed towards modern and contemporary travellers. Monthly edited, it is well known for its monographs as well as its rich travel guides. The magazine should be outlined for great quality pictures and rich diversification of topics. An interesting fact of this magazine is that all the text is written directly towards the reader.

On its Spanish version contains between seven and eight features in every issue published monthly. International journalists write all the features and then they are translated into Spanish. It suggests an alternative way to understand the world, based on a nomadic, adventurous and bold lifestyle. It reveals in more detail the best ideas to enjoy hiking, mountain bikes and trail running.

It also includes practical guides, weekend breaks, gastronomy and nature. It combines the trips with literature. It is one of the most consolidated travel magazines with a clear line devoted to the science divulgation. It publishes large in depth features. It also contains informative sections and tools executed from the editorial department. It is perfect for features about routes and large tours. It stands out for its design, serious publications and trustworthy information.

Moreover, it counts with the international collaboration of the most prestigious mountaineers and experts. It is centred in Spanish countryside tourism with great details regarding the history, architecture, landscapes, traditions and ways of life. It offers routes for all ages and tastes.

It has changed its aspects and lines in various occasions. It has a glorious balance between its feature sections. Moreover, Viajar contains opinion articles. It contains four or five features along with short stories about close destinations weekends or short breaks. It is issued monthly in Catalan in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic islands.

In accordance with this list, from the 39 print magazines created between and that were listed in the table at the beginning of this section, 21 still currently exist. It should be noted that the last print travel magazine created was the bimonthly Orizon in September On the other hand, the last magazine that stopped publishing was Altair in May We open brackets.

For 14 years, since , we have been sharing this editorial adventure with you, the readers. We know we cannot ask for more. But we are now unable to hold this by our own because it is exceeding our limits. This does not mean that Altair will disappear. We only open a period to reflect, seeking for a different perspective that will allow the company to continue ahead. Even if Altair distances from the kiosks and postboxes, we hope to see you soon. Contemporary travellers search for their information in other ways, other tools. This means that a new era has come. With this in mind, it seems only right to continue with one of the primary research methods: the interviews with the nine experts chosen in this dissertation.

Due to the fact that Altair closed in May , it is more than intriguing to unmask why this has happened and whether the magazine will return to the print market as stated from Baiges We will publish weekly in the digital platform and now with print, we are trying to complete the circle.

The new print issues will be published quarterly and they will have an international focus. As an example, the next one will be about Senegal followed by Uruguay and Faroe Islands. Our model will be without advertisements and only based on the readers interests. Altair has bet on this prototype and if one day our readers do not want us to be here, we will disappear. They make us stay alive and this paradigm is relevant because if the readers discover that we work for the brands and not for them, we will be in a big trouble.

Therefore, we will now only sell our magazine in specialised bookshops. If a reader is looking for quality I do not believe it will be sold in kiosks. Thus, we narrowed the concepts and now the magazine is a mixture between a book and a magazine. Our small company will write for a solvent niche that knows our brand. He believes that audio-visuals are vital and without them it is will not be possible to build any media.

From this perspective, it is probably right to affirm that digital platforms are not so profitable, especially if they are not part of a big multinational. But digital platforms not only offer online travel magazines, but also travel blogs. Those travel blogs come and disappear all the time. According to Statista there are more than million blogs on the Internet. But what do blogs offer than magazines do not have?

This means that a reader will have higher expectations for a publication in an online magazine than in a blog. On the other hand, Canalis maintains that travel blogs emphasize the engagement between the writer and the reader more than online travel magazines. Also, it should be noted that some travel blogs contain affiliate advertising whereas online travel magazines have more ads. In addition to this, interactive magazines could be downloaded and customers can access them even offline.

But blogs live on the web and are difficult to read when a reader is offline. However, the freedom of travel bloggers encourages readers to be more sensitive to the motivations of the blogger, and this makes their relationship stronger. Readers therefore expect honesty about dealings with brands, which affects the effectiveness of advertising. This is because the relationship between a blogger and a brand will have a bigger impact on the publicity with blog readers, compared to readers of online travel magazines. Hence, the effectiveness of advertising is better on blogs than on magazines because readers consider bloggers as friends and any recommendation is a positive attitude towards the reader and the brand Llantada, His magazine started digitally in and is not using any techniques to survive as a magazine because it did not receive any financial help.

Nowadays it has only visitors per month. They take advantage of an existing magazine name like his case and to make matters worse, they start filling it with advertisements and rubbish. He said that the best four STM are the ones that will outlast in print. The same will happen to the digital magazines linked with strong business groups. They are losing money because other STM are supported by more profitable parts of the business.

In order to approve this statement, it was necessary to ask a big multinational about their situation. She said that her company does not feel comfortable after the Internet revolution and the financial crisis. What prevails over all is our editorial quality and international power.

Therefore, it seems that big multinationals are also having difficulties and most of them are more devoted to digital media. Bryan Christy investigative reporter at National Geographic Society was asked whether he knew what the situation in Spain was in regard with the print publications of National Geographic. He said that digital magazines are eating the ones in print essentially because they are more useful to advertise Christy, In the USA there are more than 7.

He stated that those subscriptions started gradually guaranteeing more and more income for the online industry since it first started in But the current readers are the last generations. Christy did not promise, but he said that if there was any chance to look at some statistics in regard with the number of print magazines sold by National Geographic in Spain, he was going to send them to me. Luckily, Christy replied to me with the following details shown in the table see appendix three. The table shows that in , National Geographic reduced the number of print copies sold by half in relation to This data is very interesting because even the best travel magazine in the world is showing decreasing figures.

It should be noted that there is a constant drop since the financial crisis. His position was that nowadays people travel in such a way that the supply is big and most of them cede their material for free so that it can be published somewhere. Moreover, readers have changed print magazines for digital alternatives. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot happen any longer in Spain Soriano, This is important because earlier it was stated that images cover plenty of space within travel magazines, standing out more than texts in most of the cases. Azurmendi said that he barely has stopped fighting with this industry and he had always had to do lots of work Azurmendi, It could be shared innumerable times, but at the end it is unpaid, and sometimes it is not even signed.

He said that in he started noticing the effect of the crisis within the company. The manager started calling him less and less, until he left Viajar in because of the salary. These days, he does not like the methodology of the magazine.