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Cooks -- Juvenile fiction. Cousins -- Juvenile fiction. Mice -- Juvenile fiction. Stilton, Geronimo -- Juvenile fiction. See Also: Children's literature. Fairy tales. Authors: Aliprandi, Christian.

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Barozzi, Danilo. Livio, Carolina. Schaffer, Andrea. Stilton, Geronimo. See Also: Dami, Elisabetta.

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Series: Geronimo Stilton. Premier's reading challenge Related Searches Catalogue Record Add Title to Basket Catalogue Record Search for. Chester Hill. Stilton, Geronimo author. Gara dei supercuochi.

Papercutz obtained the rights to publish English translations of the graphic novels of Geronimo Stilton. These retain some of the original names of the characters that were changed in the storybooks translated by Scholastic. For example, the English translations of the graphic novels by Papercutz continue to use the names "Patty Spring" and "Pandora", while the storybooks by Scholastic changed these names to Petunia Pretty Paws and Bugsy Wugsy, respectively. He is the publisher of the newspaper company, The Rodent's Gazette. Geronimo likes to spend his time reading books and enjoys peace and quiet.

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But he doesn't like to have adventures. Whenever his friends and family invite him, they force him to do so. Grandfather Paws: A well-versed in natural sciences, he once traveled the world in a search of a very rare butterfly. Grandmother Paws: As a young mouselet, she traveled all over the world when airplanes were not yet existence. He runs the Paws Farm along with his brother, Bobby. Jenny Littlepaws: Teddy's wife.

She's an exceptional cook. The Paws really liked her Sweet Tooth Cake.

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Tom Paws: Son of Teddy and Jenny. He likes to work with his father and has inherited the passion for natural science. Lilly is five years old and helps her mother in the garden. Lally is seven years old and love horseback riding. Lolly is eleven years and want to go traveling. She is a TV reporter and travels around the world to save environment. She has a crush on Geronimo. He is a TV producer and like his sister travels around the world to save environment.

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She is Bugsy and Slugsy's mother. Bugsy Wugsy: Daughter of John and Furry. She wants to save the environment like her aunt Petunia. She is Benjamin Stilton's best friend. Creepella Von Cacklefur: she's an enchanting and mysterious mouse. She is a special effects designer for scary films and haunted houses. Creepella has pet bat named Bitewing.

She even has a crush on Geronimo Stilton. Boris Von Cacklefur: Creepella's father. He runs the Fabumouse Fumerals, a funeral home. His hobbies are writing romantic poetry and painting graveyard scenes. Boris is in love with Tina Spicytail, Geronimo's grandfather's cook. Chef Stewrat: The Cackelfur family cook. Loves opera and dreams of selling his stew around the world. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does!

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Book Descriptions: Il fantasma del Colosseo.

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