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She became very angry when I asked about the handing over of archives. It is very curious and I never understood why. She had a very positive presidency with the acceptance of archery on the Olympic Programme.

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Olympic Paralympics Excellence Centre. Twitter Instagram Youtube Facebook. John Stanley. Milan ITA. Former president Francesco Gnecchi-Ruscone and secretary general Beppe Cinnerella remember their years in office. Archery History. You may also like. How old is the bow and arrow? A brief history of the Vegas Shoot. Simon Fairweather: An archery retrospect Latest articles British compounders make two finals in Berlin. German women to shoot for home stage gold. World Cup Final qualifiers round-up.

Who can qualify for the World Cup Final during Berlin? Archery consumables and responsible recycling. German women to shoot for gold at home stage of international circuit.

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Archery consumables and recycling: Nocks, vanes and arrow shafts. British compounders make two finals at last World Cup stage of season. Grillo rejected those charges in the interview, in which his at-home persona bore little resemblance to the inflammatory populist whipping up crowds into an indignant rage. Over the years, he has gathered huge followings after being barred from Italian television in the s for mocking corrupt politicians.

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With a background in accounting, he has also taken on scandal-ridden businesses that have cost shareholders and taxpayers spectacular amounts through mismanagement, including the Parmalat dairy empire, Telecom Italia and the bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena. His biggest edge, however, has been exploiting the power of the Internet and social media to get his message out. When he started a political blog in , people logged in by the millions to engage in debate.

Buoyed by the momentum, he formed his Five Star Movement a little more than three years ago, based on a manifesto of improving public water, transportation, development, Internet connection and availability, and the environment.

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Soon, Five Star candidates, known in the press as Grillini, began making a mark in local elections, grabbing seats in the legislatures of the Sicily region and in the city of Parma by addressing issues that embedded politicians rarely took on. Candidates — mostly eager professionals younger than 45 — post videos and profiles of themselves on Mr.

Ethics standards are strict: No criminal record or previous political affiliations are permitted. Doing without official cars and other perks of office is a must.

Lawmakers must quit after two terms and may keep only a small percentage of the monthly salary that Italian elected representatives typically earn. The rest will most likely be put into a fund for small and medium businesses planning to expand and create jobs.

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Before the national vote, the most striking success had come in Sicily, where the party won 15 of 90 seats in the regional assembly in October. Recently, for instance, lawmakers approved a plan by the Democratic Party to halt a costly public works contract for a bridge over the Strait of Messina, which divides Sicily from the mainland.

Grillo, in a wet suit, swam it in October in one hour, a stunt he said had shown why the bridge was hardly needed. Such tactics may be effective at shifting legislative agendas at a regional level. But maneuvering in the political shark tank of Rome will require a different approach.

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  • Mirella Liuzzi, 27, an expert on social media, is one of the Grillini who will enter the lower house in Rome soon. On Sunday, all of the newly elected Grillini kicked off several days of meetings in Rome to learn about lawmaking. Biorcio said. In the interview, Mr.