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Old order groups do not own or operate automobiles, believing that cars would provide undesirable access to the ways of the world.

Little known facts about the Amish and the Mennonites

You will often see their horses and buggies on our local roads. Many wonder how the Plain People can survive in their supposedly backward ways.

Since , the Amish population in Lancaster County has almost tripled. Their separation from the rest of society actually helps to strengthen their community. Amish children attend one-room schoolhouses through the eighth grade.

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Socializing is an important part of Amish life. The Amish have a strong sense of community spirit, and often come to the aid of those in need.

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Their barn raisings are a good example. Neighbors freely give of their time and their skills to help one another. And, of course, Amish women love making handmade quilts. The Amish people are generally private people and often find all the attention and curiosity about their lifestyle disturbing. Their devotion to family and community, and their strong work ethic are good examples for our society at large. Rachel Smucker invites you to see the beautiful display of quilts in her new quilt shop on her Amish farm. See over quality, colorful quilts hand crafted by local Amish and Mennonite women.

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Quilts, wall hangings, pillows, dolls and more are available at competitive prices. Buses welcome.

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  • Closed Sundays. Visit web page. Family owned. Amish guides. Open all year. Throughout the booklet Aurand enlightens readers with a cornucopia of quirky, homespun views on the Amish and Mennonites, sharing matter-of-fact insights such as: Jews, Catholics and the plain people alike prefer not to let any other faith get a hold on their off-spring until after they have lived through formative years. These people take their time with nearly all things—they rarely show impatience, except that they are impatient to be always at work—at doing something. They know that life may reproduce itself in nine months, and that time goes on.

    It is the usual thing for Old Order Amish boys to wear their hats nearly all of the time, except while in school. At recess they cannot be persuaded to doff them while at play. There is only one style of wearing the hair among the Amish women,and that bears very little improvement. It is parted exactly in the middle and combed smoothly down toward the temples, where two plaits are started, carried around and gathered into a kn ot just under the edge of the white mull cap above the nape of the neck. An informant says that these people have no pictures on the walls—only mottoes and gaudy calendars.

    A woman of mature years, having a new home erected, on entering it one day discovered modern plumbing devices had been installed, and she forthwith ordered removal of same.

    Ammon Aurand’s “Little Known Facts about the Amish and the Mennonites”

    Church rules are not a matter of printed or written record, but of oral delivery or tradition among the Old Amish. It is not impossible that this condition may lead to unpleasant and unlooked-for results some day, if perhaps such has not been the case in more instances than have generally come to light. Aurand also perhaps reveals more about his own pretensions or those of the time than of the Amish themselves in a number of passages, notably:. Children Sometimes Backward. This pamphlet is in Very Good condition and was issued without a dust jacket.

    The pamphlet and its contents are in mostly clean, bright condition. There is a vertical crease to the entire pamphlet it appears the pamphlet was folded and stuck in a back pocket. There is some toning to the spine joints and corners of the covers along with some light ground-in dirt to the covers as well.

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