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But right away mysterious things start happening to Alice.

Nancy Drew #167: Mystery by Moonlight by Carolyn Keene (Part 1)

First someone messes with her macaroni and cheese. Then her jump Reporter Alice Stone is visiting her old school, Carl It's hard to write a mystery story when the plot disappears! Nancy, Bess, George, and Phoebe Archer team up to write a mystery for a class project.

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Everyone else in the class is on teams too, and the best story will be printed in the school newspaper. First, snooty Brenda Carlton tells the girls they have no chance of winning -- then the notebook Nancy, Bess, George, and Phoebe Archer A spooky legend ropes Nancy right in! At the Galloping Grits Dude Ranch, Nancy and her friends hear a creepy story: Any horse that drinks from the lake under a full moon disappears. That night there's a full moon -- and the next day Nancy's pony, Star, vanishes! Josh Fleckner is the biggest pest in the West, and he really wants a horse. Nancy and her friends find a mystery that's truly for the birds!

Summer is off to a fun start! Nancy, Bess, and George have joined Park Pals, a cool program where they get to learn about nature -- stuff like trees, birds, even bugs. Their first stop is an aviary, a place filled with lots of birds, including Carmen, a beautiful hyacinth macaw from There's trouble backstage!

Peppermint Penny's clothing shop is having a back-to-school fashion show, and Nancy is one of the models. Everything is perfect -- until somebody cuts a hole in the show's star attraction, a black velvet coat from Paris. Meanwhile, Brenda Carlton is passing out copies of the Carlton News.

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Her new gossip column says Peppermint Penny's clothing shop is having a back-to-school fashion Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. Carolyn Keene. Filter Results. Last 30 days Last 90 days All time. English Only. All PDF Epub. Nancy Drew Notebooks Series. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

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