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Choose Store. Longarm Tabor Evans. Clint Adams the Gunsmith 5: Barnum and Bullets. The Trailsman Jon Sharpe. The Longarm The Gunsmith Clint Adams the Gunsmith 1: Trouble in Tombstone. Slocum Giant Slocum and the Hanging Horse. Jake Logan. Slocum Giant Slocum Giant Slocum and the Larcenous Lady. How to write a great review.

The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. Today's longest-running action-Western. John Slocum With a newborn he rescued in his arms, Slocum fights a running one-armed battle across the wastelands. He's made a promise to get the baby to safety--but along the way, he's going After rescuing a rancher from one of the notorious Beamer brothers, Slocum is hired as the man's bodyguard, but when he is forced to kill Billy and Ike Beamer in self-defense, he finds himself taking on an entire clan out for revenge.

After being injured, Slocum finds himself under the tender care of a beautiful squaw, who, in return for her help, demands that he protect her and her baby, while running from Cayuse braves and duplicitous bounty hunters. When Slocum and Joshua Quaid, who is on a mission of vengeance against the man who killed his two brothers, team up to capture ruthless outlaw Mitcham and collect a large reward, Slocum decides to introduce the young man to the ways of liquor and wom While journeying to Cheyenne, Wyoming in search of employment, John Slocum is attacked by a member of the Undertakers, a deadly gang of gunfighters who work for a corrupt rancher, but the Undertakers soon learn that they are messing with the wrong ma While fast on the trail of the Double Cross gang, Slocum rescues a man named Dancer from being lynched and soon discovers that he must watch his back around his new traveling companion who has a penchant for money and power.

While escorting a herd of twenty horses, Slocum finds himself in the middle of a family battle involving dark secrets and a fortune in silver that leads him into the arms of a deadly beauty who will stop at nothing to learn the location of the hidden After he is fired from his job as a bronco buster at the Circle Z Ranch, Slocum is accused of murder when his ex-boss is found with a bullet in his back, forcing Slocum to team up with his ex-boss's daughter, Marla Ziglinsky, to find the real killer After claiming their reward money for destroying four of the ruthless Conrad brothers, Slocum and Sam Biggle find themselves in hot water when a con-artist, using two brazen beauties as bait, tries to swindle them out of their hard-earned money.

One against a vicious gang of road agents.

One against a Crow war posse. One against a corrupt American cavalry. The odds are pretty lousy for Slocum. And so are the risks. But Slocum wouldn't have it any other way When his saddle partner disappears after striking gold, Slocum, along with his six-shooter, sets out to find the truth, which leads him to stunning, yet untrustworthy Russian duchess who holds the key to the mystery. Their leader, Reyas, uses peasants as slave labor, takes any woman he desires While guarding cattle on the Triple Cross Ranch, Slocum must stop the employer of his latest paramour who is determined to steal priceless dinosaur fossils already claimed by his colleague, an underhanded move that could start an all out war.

After six weeks on the trail, both men are itchin' for some company of the female kind. Abigail Stanl Second Impressions When Slocum first met his head honcho's daughter, Mariah, she was no bigger than a half-pint. More rambunctious than an untamed Appy, the little girl became fast friends with Slocum. But when the daring Mariah went missing, Falsely accused of stealing a horse, Slocum undertakes a series of disguises to escape and bring to justice the ruthless bounty hunters out to eliminate him before he can reveal that these vicious predators are responsible for the murder of one of Sl When two vicious condemned prisoners--Angus Dingo and Flatnose Nelson--escape their date with the hangman, Slocum heads out to track down the outlaws, accompanied by three women who have their own history with the two convicts.

In Springfiled, Missouri, to purchase a new horse, Slocum runs afoul of the Tolliver brothers, ruthless horse dealers who will do anything to eliminate their competition, the pretty Collins sisters. Out to buy up all the smaller ranches to add the acreage to his own, ruthless land baron Seth Draper will do anything to get the locals to sell, including kidnapping rancher Ian MacTavish's wife hostage, until Slocum arrives to teach the greedy man a While working as a cowhand for the Bar M Ranch, Slocum becomes embroiled in a conflict with members of the rival New Age Cattle Company, a skirmish that represents only the beginning of efforts to run the Bar M out of business.

Slocum joins his own friend Hector and a pretty cowhand on a dangerous ride into the gorges of the Grand Canyon in search of Gordo Guardado, the man who had stolen his horse, and a gang of seasoned rustlers. Teaming up with a group of Buffalo Soldiers to protect the New Mexico Territory from marauding Apaches, Slocum finds his mission complicated by deserter Benjamin Washington, an AWOL soldier who knows too much about the traitorous individuals responsi When his old friend Steve Golden enlists his aid to check out his newly inherited ranch in Whistling Valley, Slocum finds himself caught up in a dangerous scheme to seize control of all the land in the valley, a plot that leads Slocum into a deadly c Slocum's night on the town takes an unexpected detour after he meets up with his old friend Lemuel Parsons and a young women whose father and brother have been kidnapped in an attempt to steal their land In the mining town of Bonanza to take his chances with the miners at the gambling table, Slocum suddenly finds himself caught between the two wealthiest men in town, old rivals who are embroiled in a fierce feud over a mahogany coffin.

Innocent enough. Until a bad bet sets Slocum back a hundred bucks, owed to train foreman Abel Stine. Now, he's working the railroad to pay it off. They're building the tracks he While in town to deliver a letter, Slocum is reunited with an old flame, but their passionate liason turns into a nightmare when a local prostitute is found murdered and the prime suspect is the ruthless Drum McLean Harleyville may be a little town--but there's a big-time range war brewing and more trigger-happy cowhands than you can shake a stick at.

With bodies piling up, either side could use an experienced gunsling But Slocum's willing to take the job -- especially since he can barely buy a bowl of chili and a bunk to rest his tired bones Slocum signs on to guard a wealthy Comanchero trader for some quick cash -- never expecting to get a white squaw in the bargain. The woman was abducted by brutal Comanche Chief Black Horn, who's only willing to part with her Slocum is hired by a wealthy father to search the dangerous San Francisco waterfront for his missing son, but after rescuing the young man from being shanghaied, Slocum begins to suspect that his family is hiding a host of deadly and treacherous secr With a trio of vicious gunslingers terrorizing the town of Austin and the local sheriff unable to stop them, Slocum suddenly finds himself the target of a deadly ambush and sets out to teach the outlaws a lesson.

After risking his life to rescue a young Lakota woman in trouble, Slocum is adopted by her tribe and finds himself taking on the some powerful forces in Washington when the federal government decides to move the Lakota to a reservation. Left flat broke in the gold-rush town of Neutral, Slocum faces a new challenge when a gang of outlaws, masquerading as a local vigilante group called the Gila Rangers, robs the local bank, leaving the banker dead and Slocum's partner wounded, and Slo While enjoying a peaceful sojourn in the mountains, Slocum stumbles upon the remains of a burned-out cabin owned by a slaughter family and embarks on a personal quest to find the killer responsible for the massacre.

In desperate need of some ready money, Slocum takes a job as a lumberjack in the northern California, but his new job is complicated by the superintendent's sultry daughter and by a band of renegade Pomo Inidans out to stop the logging. Slocum's quest for revenge leads him to Lost Soul, Nevada, where he discovers a marshal who does not carry a gun, a very strange and powerful undertaker, and a woman worth sticking around for.

In the freezing Nebraska Panhandle, Wolf guards Slocum while But even as the couple rekindles their relationship, some danger arises. Apaches are on the warpath, stealing horses and m Locking up the Ketchem Gang in Dodge City was quite a coup for Slocum--he's even become a local hero as a result--but when the bad boy bank robbers stage a breakout, he's got to bring them back in, before they clean out the city. When Slocum and his young herding partner, Billy Quince, kill a notorious cattle rustler, the infamous outlaw leaves the young man with a mysterious and bloodthirsty legacy, and it is up to Slocum to break the deadly spell and put an end to Billy's m A boy's search for justice leads Slocum on a trail of revenge!

While tracking down the outlaws who murdered his parents and kidnapped his sister, young Jimmy Forrest learns the tricks of the trail from Slocum. Soon, the hard-riding duo discovers th After months of traveling in open country, Slocum arrives in Abilene, Texas, aching for a taste of whiskey. But it's his thirst for justice that's whetted when the saloon's matron tells him about her kidnapped sister -- taken b Slocum arrives in the town of Three Wives looking for a very particular woman -- and finds that this mining town is about to go bust.

There's only a handful of attractive ladies in Three Wives -- and much Hired as a bodyguard to the odds-on favorite rider, Slocum sees a chance to lay low and make s So guarding a passel of emeralds for Claudine's father seemed like a simple favor, especial The vicious massacre of a group of settlers leads John Slocum on the trail of the lowlifes responsible for a crime that could ignite a war with the local Comanches, who are being blamed for the killings.

Slocum is hired by a European baroness living in New Mexico to find the hidden gold at the mission of Santa Sangre, and soon finds himself trading dirty looks with her business partner and bullets with everyone else. Overrun by wolves, the normally sleepy town of Bannock desperately appeals to the six-shooter-wielding Slocum, who arrives to find a trail of bloody corpses and packs of unearthly beasts roaming the land. And he's even quicker with a gun.

Aboard the train to Ft. Worth, he offers to stomp out a few train robbing snakes--all for a certain hourglass gal.

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When he reaches Texas, Slocu Journeying to Owl Creek to track down a gambler, Slocum takes up the cause of a beautiful woman who has refused to give into the demands of an outlaw gang, until one of them manages to shoot him. Out of sympathy for old Colonel Marks, who has gotten mixed up with some bad company, Slocum agrees to help him make it back home to Last Gasp, Colorado, before his creditors and his enemies catch up with him.

Slocum rounds up a posse of gunslingers to defend Texas ranch owner Samantha Cottrel from a family of outlaws intent on taking over her property and responsible for shooting dead an old friend. Hired to protect a local prospector, Slocum finds himself up against his client, an Eastern con man selling shares in a questionable diamond mind, and a gorgeous lady out to gain control of the diamonds--and of Slocum.

Can't blame Slocum. When pretty, young Pearl comes knocking at his door, the only gentlemanly thing to do is invite her in. But this filly is no lady. The moment Slocum falls asleep, she and her beau, Cutface Jake, rob him blind! Next thing he knows, there's a bounty on his head. To prove his innocence, Slocum winds up on the trail of a mysterious gang of thieves. Slocum's good-natured attempt to protect Rose Delaney and her baby from a band of buffalo hunters goes awry when she steals his horse and disappears, leaving him to fight it out with one displeased hunter in particular.

For his friends were among the dead--and their scalps hung from Deschamp's saddle. Slocum hit the trail after the vicious gang. But Slocum hadn't even wet his whistle when a nasty varmint tried to shoot up an innocent boy. Never one to suffer co Been accused of murder. Spent a day in jail. And he hasn't had a robbing that's panned out in weeks. So when Slocum heads to Tucson to deliver some gold, you can bet Curly Bill's right there, cocked and read John Slocum and Bonnie LaRue have enjoyed some wild times together over many years, which is exactly why, when Bonnie asks him to rescue the daughter of a friend, he just cannot seem to say no.

Slocum is sent to rescue Myra McChristian from her Comanche captors but ends up rescuing two women and must return them to their families, if he does not make a mess of whole situation in the process.

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Stuck in the middle of a cattle war, Slocum faces a double mystery in a strange gold coin he has found and a beautiful Aztec woman who keeps showing up whenever his luck is about to run out. Slocum finds himself the victim of a trio of masked horse thieves who steal everything he has, including his money and a prize gelding belonging to the notorious Doc Holliday, and Slocum races against time to get back the horse before Doc returns to Heading to St.

Louis to collect an inheritance from a long-lost uncle, Slocum finds himself in deep trouble when he is forced to kill a man in self-defense, an action that makes him the target of the dead man's vengeful family. Taking an assignment to transport a dying gambler's son and daughter to Arizona, Slocum finds his task more difficult than he had expected when mysterious enemies set out to destroy his lovely charge, Millicent.

But he was soon playing punching bag for a band of dirty locals. It seemed that the boys from the FXT Ranch didn't take kindly to strangers -- and were ready to beat out the competit When the beautiful Betty Welles acquires the title to a sprawling Arizona ranch, she is targeted by a brutal gang of killers and a schemer named Ralph Moore, and she hires John Slocum to protect her passage to Arizona. The mayor of Joshvillle is running for re-election, but he's more interested in running Slocum out of tow But when he rode into the tiny town of Dead Dog, he realized it had more to offer than first met the eye.

Within an hour, he'd f And he'll hole up anywhere until things cool off -- even a ranch that's at the center of a brutal cattle war With a wagon full of skins, he went back for one more kill. That's when the Comanches robbed him, killed his men, whacked him on the head, and left him for dead. He was mad enough when he lost his last five hundred dollars at the racetrack. But when he learned the race was rigged, he knew there would be hell to pay -- especially since one of the After all, he didn't really have anything better to do.

And helping Harvey and Lawrence claim their ranch was better than starving t John Slocum was just trying to pan enough gold from his claim to buy a hot meal and a bottle of whiskey.

Slocum At Hangdog (Slocum, book ) by Jake Logan

But before long, a gang of masked bandits started robbing prospectors and mining towns every John Slocum was hoping to ride into Santa Cristo for a good meal and a little company. But when he got into town, he had a bigger mission to accomplish. The beautiful daughter of a wealthy hacienda owner had been taken hostage by some Apa But then some renegade Walapai rode into town and started shooting.

And Slocum knew it was up to him to c He thought he had it all figured out. But his scheme to rob gold shipments from a Montana boomtown didn A lovely young lady. Trading lead with an army of ruthless banditos. Sounds good to Slocum The border town of Laredo, Texas, is shocked when Victoriano Valdez and his cutthroat band of revolutionaries s Hired by a wealthy professor and his gorgeous assistant to take part in an expedition to prove the existence of the legendary Bear Lake Monster, John Slocum begins to suspect that something is very wrong, especially when his old nemesis Haskell shows In Fort Griffin, Texas, Slocum's reputation with the ladies gets him up to his neck in trouble when he sets out to clear an innocent man's name before he hangs for a crime that he did not commit.

So when low-life Rolfe Wade challenged him to a fight, he accepted -- and beat the varmint hands down. But Slocum's pleasure was short-lived. The next morning, Wade's body John Slocum should've known it was too good to be true But the deftly planned heist that could've made Sloc Seems the wagon full of ordnance he was "protecting" got bushwacked by a band of raiders, leaving him for dead. But thanks But when Slocum loses both of his partners the very same day, he knows he has to work fast befo Slocum was headed for Dog Leg Creek to take a job at Happy Kramer's spread -- but before he even got there, he was ambushed by a gang who roughed him up and warned him off.

When he finally made it to the ranch, he And as his traveling companion, Miss Delia Tremaine, could attest, he wasn't too skilled at other games, either Seems the crew of the Matagorda Slocum rides into Not-a-Chance to track down a When CobIda Murphy and her team of lady ballplayers ride into Parker, Texas, all they want is an honest game against the town's best batsmen But lately, the same Slocum's been hired to deliver a herd of cattle from Fort Laramie to Wyoming -- and keep them from being stolen by the notorious Hawkins gang. But cattle rustling's only one of their dirty deeds.

They're killing the Sho But when Gold Hill's owner gets croaked right after naming a new foreman, Slocum doesn't have to see a tail to smell a When a wealthy madam who owns most of Roseville, Texas, dies, Slocum has his hands full making sure her greenhorn nephew gets his rightful inheritance--instead of a bunch of bandits willing to kill for the loot While trying to "enrich" his meager cowpunching pay in a friendly poker game, a good bluff wins Slocum the deed to the Wildcat's Den Saloon -- Fort Worth's roughest, rudest watering hole.

So Slocum goes in It seems like phantom cattle rustlers are stealing herds, while a posse of real-life thugs has taken over the town. When Slocum starts to stir things up, he's thrown in jail, charged by a But Quantrill's beautiful and ruthless daughter is alive -- and gather As sure as hellfire, Nolan's wildcat daughter Charlene wants revenge, and she turns to Slocum to pin the murder on a land-greedy viper named Boss Lars After a night in a San Francisco bordello, Slocum awakens to find that he has been drugged and shanghaied aboard an Alaska-bound slave ship, en route to a remote gold mine under the control of a greedy owner and a sadistic slave driver.

But when the gunsmoke clears, Slocum's got next to nothing to show for his trouble Fiona's husband, Cecil St. James, is a sponger -- but is he a killer? Either way, the rich Diamond 7 spread is up for gr After gunning down bandit Wade Ramey in the streets of Blue Meadow, Colorado, Slocum discovers that the outlaw's saddlebags are stuffed with gold, a discovery that sends thousands of would-be miners to Bearclaw Trail in search of gold.

Hot on the trail of a lost fortune in ore and escorting the lovely Myra Hendricks through the Arizona wilderness, Slocum finds himself tangling with lynch-happy desperado Vern Culhane and his gang of bloodthirsty cutthroats. Riding shotgun for a wagon train of troublesome settlers, Slocum encounters a series of deadly threats when the settlers decide to stop over in Buzzard Flats, an eerie, mysteriously empty town. Hired to track strays on Henry Murphy's spread, the N Bar None, Slocum rounds up Murphy's beautiful daughter in the process and finds himself in the middle of a war between Army regulars and Apache.

But finding the elusive outlaw is like rousting out a rattler at high noon. Until Otis's gang comes gunn When a snake-oil salesman's deadly potions kill four innocent people, Slocum, acting as sheriff of Brushwood Gulch, follows the murderer back east and along the way encounters a group of dangerous thieves.

Rolling into Virginia City with just two dollars in his pocket, Slocum nevertheless finds work quickly, helping two seductive, secretive sisters protect their silver mines from claim jumpers. When Preacher Whiteside and his gang kill John Slocum's lady friend during a bank robbery, Slocum vows to rescue the bank president's daughter, kidnapped during the raid, and avenge his lady's death.

Rival gangs are shooting it out over the loot stolen from the Mexican National Mint, and Slocum is caught in the middle, trying to get in on the action himself while keeping his head attached to his shoulders. Framed for robbing a traveling circus of all its cash, Slocum is determined to catch the real thief and to woo the stunning Madeleine Scowcroft--owner and proprietor of the circus, and a damned fine shot. When Confederate General McRae is kidnapped by businessmen interested in preventing the release of his upcoming memoirs, Slocum abandons whiskey and women to protect the general on a wild, lead-filled trip down the Mississippi.