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Sometimes, this dream might also indicate having a relationship with this person in real life in the near future. Dreaming about a couple kissing. If you watched a couple kissing in your dream, such a dream might not be a good sign and might indicate some unfortunate events happening soon in your life. Maybe you will experience something unpleasant, which will leave permanent consequences on your private or professional life.

Dreaming about kissing an animal. If you kissed an animal in a dream, such a dream might indicate happiness and peace in the near future. Dreaming about kissing a foreigner. If you were kissing a foreigner in a dream, such a dream is a good sign, indicating success and victory over your rivals.

Dreaming about kissing someone in the hand. This dream might signify humiliation and embarrassment in the upcoming days. This dream might indicate being treated unfairly by someone. Maybe someone will humiliate you, or do you some injustice. These situations might bring you a lot of anxiety and stress in the upcoming days.

If you dreamed about kissing someone on the neck or someone kissing your neck, such a dream is a sign of great passion and sexual desire you might be feeling. If you kissed someone on the cheek in a dream, such a dream might be a sign of friendship, respect or even adoration of that person.

Dreams about Kissing – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about kissing someone on the lips. If you kissed someone on the lips in a dream, such a dream might indicate improving your communication in the near future. Dreaming about kissing your spouse. If you dreamed about kissing your spouse, this dream is a good sign, indicating a happy marriage filled with respect, love and harmony. Dreaming about kissing an enemy. If you were kissing someone you consider your enemy, such a dream is actually a good sign, indicating finally finding compromise with that person.

You might even resolve the conflict you have. Dreaming about kissing a friend. If you dreamed about kissing a close friend, such a dream usually signifies your respect and even admiration towards this person. This dream might signify your need for emotional and intimate closeness, which probably lacks in your relationship in real life. Dreaming about kissing someone famous. If you kissed someone famous in a dream, such a dream might signify your inclinations towards success in life.

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Dreaming about someone is trying to forcefully kiss you. Maybe you have some secrets you are hiding. Skip to content. Related Posts. Apocalyptic Dreams — Meaning and Symbolism. Oh, so you had a dream of kissing your crush? What a wonderful dream to have. But does this mean you will be together in the future? The answer is maybe. Was your crush male or female? Is your crush a gentle giant? This could be a small grain of gold in regards to your future relationship. This dream can signify that you have hidden and deep meaning in this certain relationship. I do believe that if you do dream of the crush that you will eventually either be together all move on somebody else.

This is a powerful, nurturing a dream and it could be reciprocal! What does it mean to kiss your ex boyfriend in a dream? To kiss your ex-boyfriend in a passionate kiss during the dream can symbolize a new start in a relationship. If you are a women and you kiss a man in a dream - you tend to be in touch with your masculine side in life. To kiss a man when you are a man in real life in a dream is also connected to a new start.

The gender is worth mentioning. This type of dream can suggest that you are in tune with the female side in life - there are worries about a relationship. Did you find yourself back at school in your dream? If you are kissing an ex-boyfriend from school or you are going back in time in the dream, this indicates that there are many different feelings that you have your past which is currently making you feel vulnerable.

Try to be prepared to listen to other people and not be on the attack or be too defensive. To play kiss chase in a dream indicates you are feeling the need to connect with others. Spin the wheel in a dream involving kissing someone denotes that you will meet someone interesting in the future. You need to learn the art of communicating with females around you. There is a willingness also to let go. The fact that you are dreaming of an ex-girlfriend indicates that you may miss this relationship and it is necessary to surrender your passion and work on your own inner desires.

The advice is to try to watch what you say to females in the near future. All you want out of life is a good job that provides financial stability. It could also just be a dream that is connected to the past and actually not mean anything if you are happy and content in waking life. Did you kiss a stranger in a dream?

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If you are kissing a stranger then this stranger can symbolize your determination and willingness in life. The stranger itself can also suggest that you are looking for a change. In a relationship, you like to be with somebody who is secure and knows exactly what they want.

To kiss a stranger in the dream means you need to take charge of your life and focus on the direction. To dream of kissing a female stranger indicates that you are looking for adventure, happiness, and joy. There is an actual plan at work. If you dream of kissing a male stranger than the vibration of the dream is actually masculine in nature.

The male stranger can symbolize something internally that is stopping you from progressing. To kiss an old person who is a stranger denotes that you should not let others get in your way of your goals. You will need to map them out clearly! Did you kiss a female friend in a dream? To know the friend in a dream of kissing illustrates that you will not only encounter a nurturing and caring female but you will also focus on finding a new love relationship or just a friendship that will bring fireworks to your life. Very rarely does this dream actually suggest a sexual connection but more friendship that grows into a relationship.

This relationship is filled with not only kindness but also love. The fact that this dream was featured in your subconscious mind means that the relationship is intelligently stimulating. Did you kiss a male friend in a dream? To know the person that you kissing the dream overall suggests that you have a great friendship with this male. It is more of a brother-sister relationship. At times you find this friendship challenging - but it serves you well in waking life. You have a nurturing playful side towards this friendship. If you are female and you dream of kissing a male friend this can suggest that the relationship is important for you but sometimes you become overwhelmed with the feelings that you have in connection with this friendship.

The kiss is a vibration of psychic energy and the connection to that friend in waking life. Did you kiss a family member in a dream? Kissing a family member in a dream is connected to our creative ways in waking life. Family dreams signify our own nurturing and caring feelings towards others. To kiss your grandparents, either your grandmother or grandfather illustrates that you bring happiness to others in various ways.

To kiss a family member in a sexual way is not literal sense, it can suggest that you have a very strong connection with your family and you hope that your family does nurture and care for you the way that you do for them. To kiss a Stepdad in a dream indicates that you are looking for somebody to care for you in waking life.

To kiss a step mother indicates you are yearning for being nurtured in a situation in waking life. If you see yourself kissing your Aunt in your dream then this suggests you are trying to improve a relationship with a female family member. Kissing a niece or nephew in a dream can denote happy times in the future. What does it mean to kiss someone you do not like in a dream? If you dream that you are kissing somebody that you do not have any desire for, alternatively you do not like this person in waking life or in the dream state can indicate that you are going to put up with a situation that is unfair, demanding, controlling and also manipulating.

Generally, this situation is very hard to live with. It can also signify that somebody has shut down sexually in your waking life. It can cause great frustration and worry. To dream that you are kissing somebody that you detest illustrates that you may be working on removing yourself from a relationship. Sometimes you are looking at a relationship that you have with another in waking life wondering if it is worth it. If it is not a love life could possibly be from a work perspective.

To dream of kissing a rapist in your dream suggest that you feel controlled in waking life and there is little communication in a relationship. Try not to feel too neglected and ignored you can work things out in the future. It can be connected to the fact that you need to be more independent. Did you kiss your brother in your dream? What type of kiss was it? If you are kissing your brother in your dream then this is how you feel connected to the relationship. If kissing your brother is sexual in nature then as we have already concluded in the passage above regarding kissing a family member that this dream is not literal in its sense.

It is about having sexual desires. You will overcome this conflict and everything will work out in the end. Did you kiss your mother in your dream? We all at times dream of our mother. The relationship that you have with your mother in waking life is also important to mention.

Society always assumes that we have a wonderful relationship with our mother but sometimes it is not the case. If you have any conflict with your mother in waking life and you dream of kissing her, then this can suggest that you want to make up for lost time. To dream of kissing your mother before she dies can be a very sad and emotionally challenging dream. If you are a child in the dream and you kiss your mother, this can indicate you just need care and attention at the moment.

Did you kiss someone randomly in a dream? To suddenly run up to someone in a dream and give them a big kiss, seeing someone on the street and kissing them or alternatively just be out in a nightclub in the dream and kissing someone - all have different meanings. Basically, kissing someone randomly in the dream is a vibration of our sexual power. If you see yourself in the dream having a passionate kiss on the lips this can suggest that you need to review your love life going forward.

What does recurring dreams of being kissed mean? So you have these dreams regularly? I bet you are wondering why and what they are all about. Literally to dream of kissing more than once a month is a reflection of the consistent sense of insecurity and vulnerability in your waking life. It is really an anxiety dream. It can suggest that you feel exposed mentally, physically or emotionally, and this gives rise to such dreams.

Everyone dreams, every night, and yet we tend to not think too much about the dream unless it crops up on more than one occasion. The good news is that a kissing dream is positive. I bet you wake up thinking we control them and if we try to interpret them? During the night our dreams are every minutes. The first dream is normally about 3 minutes long, but some can be around 60 minutes long! So, to have more than one dream of kissing can mean that you should not rely too much on the meaning and it just means that you are emotionally worried in real life!

What it means to kiss your baby in a dream? Babies are wonderful omens to be featured in the dream. They not only denote innocence but kissing your baby can suggest many positive things. Read on! If you are kissing the baby on the forehead or nursing your baby in the dream then this suggests that you are feeling nurturing care towards your baby. It is literal in its sense. We all have normal dreams about our own babies or pregnancies.

But if the dream is unusual in any way then it is sometimes hard to decode. If you dream of other people holding and nurturing your baby and this indicates you are trying to give away your own responsibility in life. A baby who turns up in a dream can signify many different aspects that notably if you are showing love and kissing the baby in a dream it can indicate happiness, overcoming anxiety, purity and also peace in life. The baby itself can be a symbolism of your own vulnerable state in waking life. To kiss a baby on the forehead in a dream can signify new possibilities of life.

Did you kiss with the tongue in a dream? Try to take good care of yourself and your health as a priority. You should also think about being loyal to others. To kiss with the tongue can also illustrate that you have passion for the future.

What Does it Mean if You Kiss Someone in a Dream?

The French kiss can be defined sharing a bit of emotional information that is important to others. Maybe you have been operating in the dark for too long. Try to be prepared to listen to others is also the key message of the dream. Biting the upper or lower lip in the kiss: To bite while kissing in a dream illustrates dishonesty, laziness, and stinginess.

If you are biting somebody when kissing - try to enjoy all the wonders of the world has to offer. To see somebody bite your upper or lower lip while kissing indicates that you do not care about material things but it is important to be realistic in life not have too many illusions. What taking control of the kiss in the dream means? Did somebody else take control of the kiss in a dream?

The actual person that took control of the kiss is important. If you kiss someone passionately and you could not wait to rip their clothes off in the dream then you will meet somebody who has a great sense of humour, a great laugh and his kind in general and generally optimistic in spiritual this does not necessarily need to be a sexual partner but generally somebody in waking life. Do you pull away from a kiss in a dream? If you pulled away from a kiss in the dream this indicates that there is somebody that you can count on in life.

This person may not be a sexual partner but more a person provides you with moral support and guidance. The actual action of pulling away from them in a dream indicates that you are creating barriers in waking life. You may encounter somebody who is very giving and should try to reciprocate even if you are not comfortable with all that they have to give. It can also indicate that you are going to be pretty intuitive in the future so do not hesitate when it comes to giving to others this may not be financial but also emotional.

Was your lips were chapped in a dream of kissing? To kiss chapped lips could not be a very pleasant experience from a symbolic sense of view means you do not take criticism well to try not to nag nitpick. The most important advice I can give you, having such a dream is to try to understand other people better. If you have chapped lips yourself in the dream then it indicates you are feeling a sense of judgement towards other people in life. Did you wear lip gloss when kissing that made your face sticky in a dream?

Lipgloss to some degree has taken over lipstick in modern times. So what does it mean when you kiss somebody leave a sticky residue? What a lovely dream to have! What does kissing your ex-lover in a dream mean? Oh yes.. Many dreams of kissing your ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend suggests that as the relationship has ended but you are reviewing the relationship in your subconscious mind, in your dream state. These relationships end and new relationships begin. It can often indicate that you are yearning for the desire that you felt for the ex partner.

Think of it like an invisible magnetic pull of energy. Are you struggling with your current relationships? If so, then it is a wake-up call in order to review how you feel about people. What does kissing your best friend in a dream mean? Kissing your best friend in a dream is associated with how you feel about that friendship. If you dream of kissing a friend of the opposite sex it can mean that you have some hidden desires for that person. If you dream of kissing your best friend who is of the same sex then this is not bisexual in terms of you wanting a relationship with them in real life.

We often dream about kissing our friend when we are feeling a sense of loneliness in life, it can suggest that you care deeply about the friendship it is important for you to feel recognition from this person in your life. The key advice after having such a dream is trying to not be too dependent on other people. If you are kissing your best friend passionately in a sexual way then this can indicate sexual frustration or hidden desires. What does french kissing in a dream indicate? It means passion! Specifically, french kissing is a passionate dream.

To press your lips on someone or to use tongues can denote the following: passionate affairs, romance, and attraction. This is an affection dream and expression of love and more importantly lust. We often get an intensive feeling after a french kiss in a dream and it denotes we are loved by another in ancient dream dictionaries. As an expression of love, it is a positive dream to have! In ancient dream dictionaries kissing somebody, you do not know illustrates that some think is getting too serious in life.

You may want to try to lighten things up. Generally, the kissing of the forehead indicates that you love and care for somebody rather than from a passion or sexual connotation. Who is the person you are kissing? To kiss a forehead is a warning that you should not let your own inner thoughts destroy a relationship. Do not hesitate to act on an idea, even if not a good one. What does it mean to kiss someone's breast in a dream?

What does kissing on the cheek in a dream mean? To kiss somebody on the cheek in a dream illustrates that you are looking for nurturing connections with other people. If you leave a mark, such as a lipstick mark on the cheek then this denotes that you really need to think about the people around you and how they can help you in the future. Many people love to be kissed on the neck. Do you remember when we were all young and used to give love bites to each other? Kissing the neck symbolizes communication. What does kissing of respect signify in a dream? To kiss something in respect such as kissing the ground or a statue can suggest that you are feeling that other people around you are not giving you the respect you deserve.

You need to try to share your wisdom. This dream means you need to impart your own knowledge to others to help them achieve a state of high consciousness. People can sometimes misinterpret their words and dream of kissing something out of respect indicates you welcome love and friendship in the future. AWhat does kissing your boss in a dream mean?

In dreams, your boss signifies control, achievement and also a monetary success. To kiss your boss in a dream can indicate that you are feeling a sense of calmness and happiness around your work. If your boss is critical of you in real life then this can be extremely exhausting and sometimes comes out in our dreams. Your boss can also suggest that you were thinking about how you control the people in life stop on the busy working we generally do not question our lives. If you are passionately kissing your boss in the dream it indicates you want to feel more passion at work.

What does kissing your teacher mean? It is not literally a sense. It indicates you are looking to educate yourself. If any strong affection is shown in a dream involving your teacher it can just be your own passion to learn new skills. What does it mean to kiss and cheat in a dream? To see someone you are within a real-life relationship - kissing someone else indicates that you may have a sensation that you will passionately be hurt by that person.

To dream of yourself kissing someone and cheating in your dream indicates your worry about your current relationship. What does it mean to kiss your classmate in a dream?

Dreams About Kissing – Meaning and Interpretation

Are you self-aware of your own feelings? Perhaps this friend makes you feel special and that you dreamt of making out with them because there is something in your current relationship that you are missing. If you are happy in your current relationship then it could just be one of those strange dreams.

What making out with your friend in a dream means? We need strong affection which means a great deal to and the fact that you are making out with your friend could suggest a lack of connection with this person the future.

WHAT IS NEW! Kiss Dream (Meaning & Interpretation)

The meaning of kissing a work colleague in a dream? This work colleague is a symbolism of how you want to help people in some way. You should try to act somewhat sensitive and caring towards others, especially towards those at work. If this work colleague is a good listener and emotionally mature it could just mean that these are the traits you are missing in your own personality. What it symbolizes to kissing two or more people in a dream? To dream of two people in a dream suggests that you are trusting too many people in life.

What do these people think of you? It can signify the were busy working and doing exactly what you want. Are there people question you. This dream can also symbolize that you have your own insecurities and life. To kiss more than two people in a dream illustrates that there are many people that you want to impress.

What does kissing your wife in your dream mean? Kissing your wife is a lovely dream, it can suggest you have loving, hidden connection with this person. The way you feel love and romance. If the kiss was romantic and you were happy in the dream it denotes a strong connection in waking life.

The Premonition of Dream about Kissing – When you kiss someone in your Dream

To dream of someone else kissing your wife, or your wife cheating by seeing her kissing someone can denote feelings of worry in waking life. It is not literal in its sense.

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What does it mean to kiss your husband in your dream? It denotes you have a real connection, especially if the kiss with your husband was passionate. The dream is connected to relationships that you have and the sensation that you will be excited about a great gift. It can suggest true and everlasting love in life. To kiss your husband on the lips suggests renewed passion, romance and happiness in the relationship.

You have picked the right partner in this dream. If the kiss was unpleasant in any way it can suggest that you may not have cupid's arrow after all. What does it mean to kiss a celebrity in a dream? What a dream! Kissing a celebrity or someone in the media is more common that you think!

But what does it mean. It can though, denote that the dreamer is feeling somewhat lonely in waking life. But what does it mean to be lonely? Perhaps you will encounter a relationship or romance in the near future. If a celebrity kissed you and you withdrew that kiss this can indicate you are feeling controlled.

If you are kissing others in a dream such as Justin Timberlake or Madonna then this dream can suggest somebody will approach you of the opposite sex. This person is going to provide you with an ultimatum in the future. This ultimatum could be in connection with a work or a situation that requires you to think before you speak. If you dream of kissing somebody that is an actor or actress this dream can mean a possible new start but more importantly you must not hide behind a veil.

Try to be yourself in life. A celebrity illustrates that you are ready to start afresh - the celebrities in dreams are really a symbolism of starting again. In a dream, a romantic kiss of a celebrity can suggest a new start in life. What does kissing your hand in a dream mean?

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If somebody is kissing your hand in a dream also denotes that you respect others. This is a wonderful gesture it can symbolize not only a new start in life but it can also signify the magic that you have in a romantic relationship. What does kissing your legs in a dream indicate? If the dream was passionate nature indicates that you are feeling somewhat repression in life it is important for you to guide yourself in the right direction.

Our legs how personal move from one place to another. What does kissing your body means in a dream? To be kissed all over the body from the top to the bottom, represents you are feeling somewhat vulnerable in life. Your dream could be an indication that the softer parts of life may come to fruition. Kissing parts of the body, especially to see someone place their lips on you can suggest that you will succeed despite all odds against you. What does it mean when you dream of kissing someone and it feels real?

This is a lucid dream, we need to look at lucid dreaming and kissing in the same context. Ok, lets first define lucid dreaming. Basically, a dream that is lucid in nature suggests that you can alter the dream state in some way. The dream could be rather like a story that is going to focus on a specific course of action. In kissing dreams the lucid dream can suggest you actually feel you are really kissing someone - vividly. The meaning of the kiss being lucid depends very much on who you kissed in the dream.

For instance, to dream of kissing someone that you know may be connected to the power and control that you feel in your life. To share a passion for someone unknown in the lucid state can suggest that you will have forgiveness for someone in the future.