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Everyone that is involved in that church is a big family and always makes you feel welcome! George and his staff are hands down, the most caring group of people we have ever met! We are always made to feel at home. My wife and our kids, love it here! Please come and visit!


God Bless!! I visited others, but this is where I put down roots. I love George and the staff! PTC3 is filled with so much love and encouragem ent that continues to help my family grow every time we step in the door and hear George talk. My ki ds LOVE coming to this church. So glad that they opened the Wednesday night service, I work every Sunday and am not able to attend regular service.

But since George started the Wednesday night service we are ab le to worship and praise God! Skip to content. Blog Giving Contact Top bar menu.

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New Here? Watch Online. Give Online. Contact Us. Get Connected. Tap for more info. What more can you ask for? Screen on the Green July 25 Join us for a movie on the lawn! Bring your floaties to sit on. Tap each image. In Our Church. In Our Church We are a praying church that serves in our homes, communities, and world.

This month: Are you in for the win? Prizes include multiple sets of Dre Powerbeats3, Alive hoodies, hats, shirts and more. Every person walks away with something. We want to be known. There is a longing inside so many of us. But what does it mean to be known? To know our identity? To know our impact on others? To be known has little to do with people knowing our name and everything to do with Whose name we are living by. What we do with our life matters more than whether or not people know we did it, and what we do is a result of who we know ourselves to be.

Even when the author is unknown, the impact can be known, it starts with Jesus.

Join us for this new message series as we learn to live a life the matters beyond our name. Need an answer to prayer?

Sunday School Ministry

Need wisdom for a decision? In a season of life change? When we fast together as a church things change, situations change, lives are transformed, and walls are broken down; true freedom can happen. In our hunger from fasting we learn to depend on God more; in our time saved from eating and meal prep we pray more.

Fasting hits the reset button of our soul and renews us from the inside out. Fasting as a church will bring individual breakthroughs and a supernatural unity! Beginning January 7th we are doing a day fast together as a church. We believe this is the year when many will find His freedom for the first time, but also many who have dealt with the same issues year after year will experience living fully alive, living free. Biblical fasting takes a lot of discipline and strength — strength which you can only receive from God. Your private discipline will bring you rewards in Heaven.

Matthew 6. When you give God your first through fasting, prayer and giving at the beginning of the year, you set the course for the entire year. Are you in need of healing or a miracle? Is there a dream inside you that only He can make possible? Are you in need of a real encounter with God?

Do you desire a deeper, more intimate and powerful relationship with Jesus? Are you ready to know what God wants for you? Do you need to break free from struggles, addictions, or difficulties from your past?

Peachtree City Christian Church | PTC3

Is there a friend or loved one that needs Salvation? Daniel Fast — Eat no meat, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables. Learn More. Partial Fast — For those who choose to or cannot do the full or Daniel fast we encourage you to do your best. Try a no meat, no sweets, and no caffeine or something similar. Remember, when a fast is doing what we are supposed to, we are focused more on God than we are on the food. Avoid spending large amounts of time doing meal prep. If you have a medical condition or are concerned about fasting for medical reasons please talk to your doctor.

Christmas at Community will be an experience for the whole family!! This year we are excited to celebrate Jesus and enjoy the the season. We will have interactive services, singing carols old and new, petting zoos, giant ice slide, family photo booths, hot cider and more! Many of us look forward to certain seasons and not so much the others. What if there was something special, something amazing God has for us even in the seasons of life that seem the most difficult?

Veterans Day is coming soon and we want to honor our Veterans here at Community Church. Come enjoy some great food and drinks. To our Veterans, no matter where you served, or what branch of the military you are, know that we honor you and are so thankful for your service. Grab your walkman, set your AIM away message, page all your serve team friends, and head to the Western Branch Campus on September 22nd when the doors open at pm. Dress in your best denim tuxedo, acid washed pants, and track suits.

Childcare is available, but space is limited, much like in your covered wagon in the Oregon Trail! The first Wednesday of every month, we meet together for a time of worship, prayer, and communion. First Wednesday is a dynamic experience that leaves you feeling renewed and energized, ready to take on the upcoming month for Jesus. So be a bringer, get a t-shirt and watch God change people for the better! God created the world and by Holy Spirit He lives inside of us.

The Church should therefore be the most creative people group on the earth today. When we tap into what God has put inside of us, we are able to lead the way creatively. Some are all about words; some are all about actions; we are all about both. Proverbs , Ephesians God loves you and therefore He is not ok with you staying the same.

Worship with us

We are either growing closer or further away from Him. We can keep moving forward because Jesus has changed us from the inside out. Everything we do represents Jesus. Colossians ESV. Matthew MSG. No matter the day, the decision, or the circumstance, the first step is prayer. We believe God answers bold prayers—and small ones too.

Matthew ESV. We approach God knowing that He loves us and therefore, we can love Him. We approach people the same way, no matter what…we lead with love. Life is about more than merely surviving. God wants us to live a full, satisfying, awesome life. John ESV. The month of July is a call to be intentional.

Intentionality makes a dream turn into a plan which turns then, into a reality. We see a ministry where believers are connecting to one another in Community, serving Christ through the church in their unique area of Gifting, and growing in their faith daily as they learn, live out, and Spread the truth of Gods word.

“If we represent Jesus in our neighborhood,

We seek to connect believers together in the community. July 8th, at Waukegan Community Church. July 9th, at Waukegan Community Church. July 21st, , at Waukegan Community Church.

July 28th , at Waukagan Community Church. Come out and have a blast with us with some good food. July 31st, at Waukegan Community Church.

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  • Choir Rehearsal: Lift every voice and fellowship. We are a family here at WCC. Our mission is to provide a word of encouragement, hope, and to assist in the development of faith and love. Thank you for visiting Waukegan Community Church online.